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They did a lot of that But for people that may not know what what made crockett promotions unique in how they did wrestling. What were some things that you can think of off the top of your head. That's a good question. I didn't really know what you're gonna ask me going in. Man no they had they really focus on tag teams. They had good baby's face. That was going to be what the tag team stuff was. Was huge. Kind making that. Us title at big deal before because before flair. The world title is not really defended out of charlotte. It was defended out of saint louis with harley race right and when harley race couldn't be here it was the us title. And they the those legendary battles with johnny. Valentine and who mcdaniel paula jones. Ricky steamboat roddy piper. And greg valentine rick flair you know few to name a few people feuding over the The us thailand in that the great tag team division the bolos the assassins. Whichever obviously the anderson steamboat paula jones. And greg valentine ric flair and the can hats and bernard this is the territory that where they developed the world. Tag team type. Yes yeah. I mean that was. That was what it was known for. I mean just think you look at a guy like you know and then looking for heat They i mean a lot of companies did that but especially when dusty came along they created booked for heat on the show and pay off at the house shows right they. They really focused on that. But that was. That was kind of a norman wrestling. I guess who sopher crockett senior. Sandy scott was the booker for a long time. And then who is the other guy. George george george and sandy scott right. Okay anderson now l. in georgia. Only but only at one point this booking georgeanne crock. I think so. Yeah i think he was booking both at one time I read about that. But i'm pretty sure he was booking a both at one time but they had such a deep roster I mean they would run. They can run three shows in a night and did run two shows for real time they would. You know they would have aren't even do three shows like where they might just have rock and roll express in the midnight express have a two out of three falls match and that would pretty much be card. You know you'd have a couple of undercard matches the house and the browns and the sam houston's but you know and then you might. You'd have your other show where it was the boogeyman paula jones. Army right or you know Road warriors on up. And then of course you have the nwa title at the asia They would do..

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