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The surrounding counties are up to 10 people a table. You'll also hear more from Martin about how he's adjusting. Later this morning, you've heard about several Hoosiers being arrested and charged because they're accused of being involved in the riot at the Capitol Building in D. C. January 6. Well, now it's FBI director Christopher Rays turned to address what the agency knew about the riots. Fox is Rachel Sutherland. Reports watch for lawmakers to Grill FBI Director Christopher Wray about the so called Norfolk Memo. Strong morning about potential violence at the Capitol last week, former Capitol police chief Steven Son testified The memo did not reach his office before the riot. The FBI has said the report, which was based on uncorroborated information was shared through his joint terrorism task force. Raise appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee is his first before Congress since the November election. Rachel Sutherland. Boxes. Violence in Indianapolis, where two women were murdered Monday morning. Chris Davis reports from downtown Indy. One of the women is a shanty Robinson, identified by Marion County Coroner Alfie Belushi was just 21 Thea identity of the other woman who was shot and killed is being withheld right now, until our family is notified. Unity is essential test being able to identify All right, perpetrators of these types of offenses and get those individuals off the streets. Lieutenant Shane fully with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department, he says, if you know anything about what went down just after midnight at the post, Brooke East apartments near 40th and Cordell call I m p d or Crimestoppers, Chris Davis 93. W I B C Mobile news. The Senate is reviewing the next coronavirus relief bill that the House has already passed. Nearly two dozen House Democrats are urging Senate Democrats to push forward with a Hike on the minimum wage to $15 an hour. They've written a letter saying the vice president Harris has the authority to overrule the Senate parliamentarian. But President binds administration has already said that Harris will not act to overrule the Senate parliamentarian. There may be a global pandemic, but Americans are still lured by the call of spring break. Cancun is the number one search destination this year, according to the travel Web site, Expedia in the United States..

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