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Just puts a beaver on it. Looks at the beaver says to be be attacked. Yeah well down here. And that's the i am canadian. The the joe saying i am canadian. His speech just just could see. This is a picture of me and arn raw. Yeah he's going to be the chokehold curved. People colds you've got a picture here. A picture of just everybody standing in smiling like this. it's i want. Something dynamics something that bosio. I wanted to have a picture of the eli and noam and heath i wanted to heat the put me in a bad joke and he liked to barham nowhere to punch me across the face. That would have been a great picture. Great picture scanning smile sauce. Really wanna remember everybody beating the shit outta me that's liquor Or i guess you can have your eyeball that right there. you go. strange brew. Strange bruise love that much to life. It's like a real documentary with rick. Aranda canada during the us. Sorry go and play well. That's true but there. I mean it's hard to argue with that but we have more money so you catch them catch up more money but you know we actually care about our citizens or which we have gone so long. I love this. Where can we find you guys at every location. You're sesame street a.

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