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The ultimate like infinite depth that we all have so be able to hear any any of any to experience any of anyone else's story is sort of a privileged and i've just been trying to respect that lately it's like everything you just said so we're gonna take that and and encapsulating just add alone no i really appreciate that and user to the knows i saw thing and not judge myself no let's stop on one of the reasons i even asked you that question is just to hear your take on as an artist who's truly out there doing multiple leveled work on multidimensional work perhaps federated say there's something that you have on your site is sometimes they feel like i'm processing hidden anxieties and fears when i play only to find out someone in the audience needed the same and i just love that love that period go into yourself and let them use it translate that the exact medicine that someone probably everyone but that people need it and if you censor that if you try to be anything but offensive and and discover yourself in that moment you wouldn't be offering the medicine would you you know yeah no that's totally true and that goes for lately i've been seeing it more and more just in like genuine interactions with people as if i held in what i'm really feeling or my you know the thing that i don't wanna say to someone if i hold it in it's almost like i'm depriving of that connection of that moment of like true authentic city and i've and i've definitely had so many moments where somebody shared their story with me like the the difficult parts of their story their struggle and it was exactly what i needed to know that like it's okay to struggle and the you know we're just getting through it so i look at it as both ways and it's the same with the audience when the audience comes up to me anyone from the audience comes up to me and says that it's what they needed and it's like i truly believe that i'm equally feeding off their they're seeking for that as much as i am giving it so like the opportunity to channel it.

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