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So um it was far it was out of my reach and realizing that that's when i reached out to the can eat more bcm so you just news you wouldn't have a chance of being the winning bidder unless you started looking around for for some support for other people to take part with you absolutely yeah fresher why are these metals selling for four hundred twenty thousand dollars you know i in in my view i don't think it should be for sale think it's a historical relics i believe the americans don't sell their metal i i think it's whatever people are willing to pay far high just like a piece of art now people are willing to pay for the costs of for multi million dollars then goes the same way um and does this happen often citizens approaching a museum and saying we you know i'll assist you if you're interested in purchasing this artifact i've heard of it in the past um i went but that was only that was only after me asking around so i thought that was my only option really um did did you have any doubts about what you were doing about no throwing throwing all of this money at the word museum to help by a medal absolutely many doubt many doubts that let me to only finalise everything last night the night fright before the auction on me thinking about whether i should you know what's what's it worst to my family um you know it's it's a good chunk of change so i am i being dramatic and like and my over acting on that was my father killed if he found house.

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