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This time to forty a group of Latino healthcare advocates are pushing for the new governor to make changes that could bring more Latinos into the medical field. KCBS has Megan goals be reports they say that the group is grossly underrepresented while Latinos are forty percent of the state's population says UCLA Latino policy and politics initiative director, Sandra Diaz, they comprise just over eleven percent of the graduating physicians in the state, we graduate about one hundred and ten let me know MD's every year that that rate if we continue forward, it will take almost five centuries to close the gap. Her group was one of many that met in Oakland to come up with recommendations for the governor, including increased funding for Latino healthcare programs. So doctors can stay in the profession and increased recruitment Carmen Estrada is a current MD candidate at the UC Davis school of medicine. She says she had to look for her own programs to get started. I did. The go-to sounds state university. So I feel a lot of the outrageous done at UC's and Nazir's us or even less accumulated colleges where I feel we do have a lot Dino's making gold, speak KCBS, San Jose, mayor Samuel Carter was back on the job two weeks after he was seriously hurt in a bicycle crash. New Year's day. KCBS has Doug sovereign reports from San Jose where the mayor and the governor held a joint event yesterday mayor Licadho reappeared in public for a round table with the governor on affordable housing, and then Toledo city council meeting. He wore a cumbersome brace to support his broken vertebrae and sternum, but told KCBS feels good doing great, very grateful that a lot of good Samaritans who are neighbors went out there to help get me out of the street and great, but work on the paramedics to that your doctors and nurses over at regional just very grateful to be back at work and standing here in front of you lucado went end over end off his road bike when he was hit by an SUV near alum. Rock on New Year's day. He says his helmet saved his life. He doesn't blame SUV driver who didn't see him but stopped to help. After the crash. We know it's getting tougher and.

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