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I was down in the basement watching, and I thought the game was over, and my wife said, you know, come on up, you know, got all the kids there, we're having dinner. So I go upstairs. I had no idea what happened. All of a sudden I come back down, you're looking at watching the highlights and all of a sudden it's like, and that's 20, so that's 22 years ago. January 2000. There's no social media. I have no idea what's going on. I'm up there having dinner, you know? Mister mom, the kids, and the next thing I know, it's like, wait, what? What miracle? What music? What? Yeah, Pauline. I always wonder if plays like those would not happen with replay because there was a couple plays like the American reception and the music city miracle remember, I don't know who's throwing it at why check where you're not sure where you're throwing it backwards or not. There is no option to replay that play. And so everyone just ran out of the building like they're running for their lives. The rest called it and ran. You can watch the video. Games are jumping in the center where your striped shirt on. Well, how long would they try to review Franco Harris with the immaculate reception? And they only had, you know, they had three cameras back then of the play. Now you have 14, probably. But the best camera angle was NFL films that somehow I soed on Franco. And even if you watch it, you don't know the ricochet that Jack Tatum and who was that frenchy fuqua. There was a ricochet, and they didn't know who it hit. And you can watch that in slow motion, frame by frame, and you're still not quite sure. Yeah, pulling. I'm watching the music city miracle. I haven't watched it in quite a while, and Frank why check turns and throws across field to Dyson, which was the big play, because no one had really done that yet. I don't think that place survives replay. I'm not saying you threw it forward, but if you look where his feet are and you look where the ball went. The ball goes over the yard line past the 25. I don't think it would survive replay. And then Dyson was the one who was stopped short by my Mike Jones. And the Super Bowl. All right, let me take a break. Peter king's going to join us, more phone calls as well. We'll take a break. We're back after this.

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