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Your NBC's portrayed on ABC's. You're on that ninety eight team. Right. A Kansas state. Ben. The ninety. No, I yes, I was I excuse me. Season with the the loss to Texas. I hate to bring up horrible memories. But you had the best you had the best team in college football that you're you're sort of won the national championship that heartbreaker in double overtime. Wow. That one must still stink to this day because you should have been national champions that year. I know it seems so much else forgotten. For a second that you just say you're on the online championship game. When the Vikings lost. Yup. Two. Yeah. I mean, we had Texas say they're on the road. And you know, we we knew that we were the better team. We knew that we were just like you're so close minutes Mogollon national championship game. And you know, at least for me, I was registered freshman. I got some playing time of that game. But as I look back on it. Now, man, I was I think I was a little naive as to what the situation was sort of had my blinders on I was more concerned about just doing what I was supposed to do when I got into game. And I think back to the upperclassmen that that was the best chance ever ever gonna have to get to a national championship game. And we as a team just blew it. Good stuff, bent. Hopefully after the big Vikings win this weekend. Is they advance in the playoffs. We'll have you back on again soon. Yeah. Would love it. Thank you there. He goes Ben Lieber, the former NFL player of f s one college football analyst Viking sideline reporter with day. Smith NBC sports radio. How you doing? Fast and the baby. I don't know why introduce myself, but I feel like I had to listen to NBC sports radio. Broadcasting from the big big barbecue studio. Tickets seven sixty San Antonio sports station. K J. Iheartradio station. Message and data rates.

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