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You know had to see the movie before they actually could skate to the music from the movie because the movie is actually older than them the movie as 17 years old at this point and there're like literally 17yearold skaters at the olympics so my colleague louise radnofsky and i ask one of the american skaters what he thought of the movie when he finally saw it in his review was to be able to make such a deeply emotional story out of the very shallow premise was amazing how it was quite the review i will say i i would subscribe to like a movie blog if he decided to start one let us talk about the notion that the united states is having a lousy olympics berries for luga washington post wrote that rachel bachman your wall street journal colleague band did a a piece on it um the us as of tuesday morning eastern time has twelve medals that sixth in the table behind norway with twenty nine germany with 23 candida nineteen netherlands fourteen and france has thirteen on your pain of fivethirtyeight crunch the numbers as their want to do there um back a few days ago in the us at nine medals and based on historical trends about how often on the united states wins in particular sports they would have expected of 18 and the us at 28 thirty seven twenty five and thirty four medals for the last four olympics justin i'm going to start with you you're not you're not necessarily known for being a guy who loves the numbers i want to talk to you about the emotions does it feel to you like the us is having a lousy olympics there have been certain events where you expected the us to do better that they have and and i think it's part of the feeling that the us is doing a bad job is a reaction to that noone expected mckay chiffrent become in fourth in the slalom it's her best event one expected nathan chen to have two crummy short program.

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