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A problem I think that it gets the problem that can be fixed. Potentially if you see good things out of him in practice if we're getting him practice if we're getting him game ready. I didn't see that on thursday so kinda remains to be seen and i don't like the unknown so i'm not really happy with it either. Well then. you're not gonna like what's happening right tackle this week. That really is an unknown as much as it is known jerry jones again was on one zero five. Three the home of the dallas cowboys early on tuesday morning as he always is. I did not hear any plates. Clinking so no eggs this particular week but tom The headline from jerry is that tariffs steel. We'll be starting for the cabbage right. Tackle you talk about offseason decisions. Roster decisions cowboys signed talion sexiest specifically to be there swing tackle. We knew that this day was coming. I know that the you know the grammar. there's not great but i hope that joke landed. Anyway we knew this was going to happen. We expected it to be with tyron smith. Obviously his health has been the far less sustainable one prior to last season. Good for three or four games. Missed a season however lyle collins suspended for five games. We've been there. We've talked about that in at the first opportunity that the cowboys have to rely on a swing tackle. It's not the guy went out and bought in free agency. It's the guy who who tried really hard last season but ultimately failed and so yeah taryn steel at right tackle. Joey bosa is going to be a problem. Tom is this the right decision or should the cowboys have gone with somebody else. If so sometimes you don't necessarily have a great right decision chow. I think this may be. I actually think this is the best option. If i'm brian. Us is adamant that in seki is bad and beyond taping for insects but yet again to speak to the to me maybe he was actually just a bad signing just an old guy at the end of his career. That didn't have lifted tank. May allow hang out tom g but the thing the big thing that everybody is out there that want wants to harp on is. Why don't they move that martin at right tackle and keith customer government. Well i like that idea. And more importantly sack martin is not a fan of that idea at all. He does not want to move back out to tackle where he got hurt last year after having been pretty much iron may up to that point guard. He wants to stay guard and i saw an interesting point today. Let's say you did put martin out there. And then lyle collins comes back from suspension after the by the shuffle. The line again one more time in. Have you know two positions that are in flux rather than have the the other four guys still hopefully stable at that point and you're just putting collins back out in the starting job. I think that as as much as we might not like to realize it. I think still is the most logical decision at this point and as somebody said this is this is not the same coaching staff. That let the famous adrian. Clayborn six sat game happened because they would put a help out there for chas brain and whoever else came in after they pulled. Chaz green left. tackle This is not the dak prescott of twenty seventeen when that happened I have a lot of faith in killing more in dat in the offensive weapons to find a way to counter this problem and i expect them to have a tight end out there next to steal on just about every play so you know it's going to be something to overcome but i think what we saw on thursday night says that they can overcome this and as many people in a lot of people were very high and just in herbert. He ain't tom brady You know i i. I would argue that. The buccaneers had a better defense in the chargers. Have although the charters are certainly no slouches. So i think that this is just okay. Here's what you got. There's nobody sitting out there on the shelf that you can plug in bed bedrock at this point so this is kind of like the least worst thing they can do. Do you agree. Tony is always there. Is there a less least worst thing they could do for me. I'm unit a little differently. Call out top column out. I'm not gonna kala tom. Toms the man. But what i am going to say is i personally feel like i always view as the offense land especially what we now will we see. Oh we thought we knew from khanna mcgovern. Right he went out there and he and he played well he zone against a a really tough tampa bay. Front seven I'm of the mind of the best. Five and i and i believe zack. Martin to be you know a team player. And i and i know that right. Tackle probably isn't his his most ideal situation. But i bet you dak prescott would probably tell you turn is in his most. You know it's probably not what he's thinking right. Tackle got on his back his most ideal position either right right in if interview investors. You know whatever the thai insect if he's not the guy then he shouldn't be on the team as far as i'm concerned right. If you want the roster exactly why roster cutdown. That's a great question so it's like you said you know what i mean. If if he's not the swing tickle swing excuse me tackle the fired right exactly and you know if he's not the swing tackle you think he is you know what is he doing on the roster in the bind to think that you know..

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