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He's cars are they're so fast you have to be so on the limits and when you're on that limit it's like a knife edge if you go too far and really get but if you don't get to that limit then you're on the other side of it. You're you're giving up time and no one wants to do that. How much more is to come defeo. I definitely think there's still a lot to come for sure. I mean i think naturally probably from the first year to the second year there will always be a big improvement. I think when you when you don't have any experience that the rate of improvement will always be big. But i i do feel that once you kind of get over that let's say initial hump though experience and you start to get settled into a bit more rhythm more comfortable you're then also able to analyze things much better and kind of start to understand more what you know. The steps needs to take to keep improving. And that's kind of where. I feel like kind of a maui. Comfortable much more comfortable with the car. And i can still be improved. I can still be doing a better job. But i feel not a point now where i could stick. Estaban analyzed much more. Okay now now. Working i keep improving. I know where. I need to keep improving. It's been highlighted to me in the past races. And then you know obviously when you know there's still room for improvement you could take it two ways you could say all that's not good because it means you're not optimizing we can right now but i see it. It's good because i see i'm improving. The potential is getting better. And i still see this room to keep to keep improving so if i can get the chase those steps and get that extra improvement then. I think the performance will be where i want it to be. Let's talk williams. How different is the team. Now to the one that you first joined back in twenty nineteen. It's quite a lot that has changed to say the least. Yeah i mean now. I think the team is definitely has has the foundations to you..

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