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Twenty. So Dave. David. By now common name for Jews and roof you know any. If. You don't know any Jews school upset that's totally fine. You probably didn't come across or maybe you came across when we just didn't know you can blending in. Hiding. Places. Small. Addict spaces crawlspaces. We had a crawlspace when I was growing up like it's not like a basement interest crawlspace. It's like. Downstairs, but it's just like I don't know you know what I mean it's like behind. It's where Jews hide is what I'm trying to say that's the only way to describe it. It's weird. Jewett height. And that was the whole joke. One time I was in Vietnam tiny town. And I was in a bus I joined up with a tour. Wasn't with him and showed up but I was there I wanted to go to this. There was just like. I. Guess Like Floating Floating Force they called it was just like a force in the inner rivers pretty cool. I'll say the name. Like, say names of places but like No. One's going to show doc. Took me I mean twelve hours they got there from coachman. You're not going to dock and you shouldn't. But I was talking to these two German girls and these two I think Canadian or German guys. I, forget now and they were talking about some guy that was weird. Somebody's son kept. Naming, all the states in America and then he was like talking about every time I saw fire just different types of fire engines and he goes I was just weird and then the German goes like well, he was and he goes oh well, I've never never met not person before and we're all like. Yes, you have. Didn't know. Haven't met not their everywhere. good times. Today Dave Smith comes and talks to us about. Really America we've been doing this two, thousand thirteen I found out. I asked him about it every year. We. Go over. Generally Dave is a libertarian which I sort of an eye on. A bleeding heart libertarian. If you had to like name a party I, call it the get off me party. Leave me the fuck alone. Let me do my business. I'm not bothering anybody. So nobody's you bother me. I'm a Kinda guy who's like, why can't I set up solar power in my in my home that I own. Laws. Fuck off. It's my home. Why can't I? Fucking I WANNA put a rainwater collector up there like while you off until the proper, you pay the taxes on the thing on your oven from the proper verification shut off. It's mine. I want to build a fucking waterslide around my house while I gotta get you involved Sam. Anyway the point is he came on to talk about America generally we have one or two things to talk about, and then also in election years has twenty sixteen was now twenty twenty extra stuff to talk about but this here. We've got a few more things to talk about what a year it's been. I read it seems like a lifetime already doesn't it? It. Is, fucking nuts out there. You guys I I'm just I was walking here new. York's five. They call it a war zone of the press. Do not believe that. But. They have these outdoor seating areas. And Mexicans. I, think it's maybe it's being raised. It might be Dominicans I. Don't know I. Don't know the New York Latino the hard worker. Set up where the park cars are. They said of these little. Would built enclosures they set up tables in there in between the sidewalk. And with the cars drive. Past this dude and he's fucking pissing on his girlfriend who some drunk girlfriends go off, make sure nobody's coming and you start down to the fucking pencils. Okay. Do Come on go to the park is right next to the park. And he goes I, wasn't doing fucking neighborhood dude? fucking human. He goes. All right relaxed. I was joking and I'm like. Let's break I'm not sure you were joking and if it was then I'm the fool. Girlfriend would have had been in on it to say a look. Go ahead, I'll look. Because otherwise. WHO'S THE JOKE for? She saying look and then you're pretending knew about to do but not do it or. Other possibility you're fucking animal you're fucking drunk animal drunks. It's just you fucking you few fucking drunks who give all the alcoholics about name handle your shit. Handle your drugs. That's my one message to everyone in the world. Don't do drugs handle your drugs. Do it responsibly, and by responsibly I, mean don't bearish yourself. Getting, sidetracked because his episodes not about that, and it's a fucking long episode. But for real okay. Do Mushrooms. You don't have to tell everybody by the way you know to make it a big fucking deal. Go to the bathroom much monchy come on back. Want. To go do coke go to the bathroom. You guys actually coke heads way ahead of the game. You're never like. You just you go to the bathroom comeback make a few many trips. I mean, why don't you? While you're in the bathroom take a longer nail they all have. Okay. Here's decent compact that shit in there. In one nail and then later in the evening, you know when you're when you're coke wears off and what is it twenty minutes and you like instead of going back to school pick my nose..

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