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From north manned to ellensburg and back corwin haeck komo news swayne up on the coma morning news more protests campus closures oh and it's grudge malaysian day i'm brian calvert with the latest from the evergreen state college washington state could soon have the best paid family leaving the country i'm jeff pohjola in it all depends on lawmakers now it's time for a komo triple a traffic update hopefully things are calm and go little bit here's marina well in some areas they are northbound i5 carleen attacked by of that earlier closure of i five with the i had craft so that back of his long gone but it's from highway 16 to portland avenue that you're still going to see the slowdown so that's why it's rough there and eastbound highway sixteen still very difficult from union over to i5 we do have a problem in seatac this is north on i5 just past two hundred military road lead left lane is blocked with a crash and it is solid traffic now from two seventy second up to that scene northbound 405 crowded out of renton to newcastle westbound i90 struggles right around 148 th over to 405 and then again from island crest waging had across the watterson the mouth baker tunnel southbound 405 at still a difficult one from canyon park down the one sixtieth your next look at traffic at eight fourteen marina rockinger komo news a look at the weather now here's seth wayne of the komo forecast mostly cloudy skies some lingering showers from yesterday's front but it will be anything like that record rainfall we had a deal with yesterday hopefully ever to great starts today going for those deficit of mid 60s so touch warmer than yesterday low 70s as dry out on your saturday mix of sun and clouds continue on father's day with a few stray shower too i'm seth wayne in the komo weather center in downtown seattle still mostly cloudy it's fifty six in the city.

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