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It is good, man and downtown. What will they last? That's the question it all starts at five AM hand Tampa Bay. Michael Wolff that delta Bravo DV, delta Bravo in his new book, apparently, Steve Bannon calls Trump a scumbag, I want to know I want Ben into the, the you say this casino wolf is he's a problem out of guy. Yeah. You're listening to News Radio. WFL a, a man who allegedly murdered his daughter in law is the latest addition to the FBI's ten most wanted fugitives list. You dean Palmer allegedly shot Tammy Palmer to death moments after she walked her two children to the school bus, stop back in twenty twelve in Stony point. New York a neighbor called nine one one. Listen to an excerpt. Emergency. Screaming. Screaming and another detective. Michael Kruger of the hammer straw. Police department says Palmer allegedly fired three shots at Tammy, who tried to escape the flying bullets final shot point blank, range fragment, chest, as she was laying on the ground FBI agent. Andrew Fischer says Palmer is eighty years old and may blend in with a crowd of grandparents, but we want to make very clear that Eugene Palmer is accused of a tremendously violent act Palmer is a hunter a car enthusiast, and has a deformed thumb. If you have information about this case, dial one eight hundred call FBI with wanted by the FBI, I'm Ali Halpern of.

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