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Way just because a player has a history of Done there's always going to be that way as i said steph who choked. There's no other way to say it. He choked many times deep in the playoffs. Shooting he's a lesser player than he normally was not against toronto. Not last time we saw in the finals steph was deadly clutch last time. Some guys just need enough repetitions under that pressure to acclimate you know. I don't think it's just an issue of odds like well given a sample size. Nope i don't believe that not in basketball. I don't think it's i don't think probabilistic like that. I think deterministic not basketball but steph. I think has shaken off. The jitters has k. d. We'd rather have taken that shot lebron or k. d. todd mcshay ranks the top three hundred fifty prospects in the twenty twenty one glass. Trevor lawrence won. This is just overall football players right not draft value. Just how good they are. Trevor lawrence one kyle pits to jim archie. Three which marceca's really come up in the world and davante smith remember. We were all thinking about devante smith after the championship. Game mccall. he's going to be the number one. Wideout taken zack wilson. Four i think i agree with this list so far i might put. Zack wilson. Three soule the offensive tackle from oregon. Five devante smith six jailing waddell seven. Sean slater the offensive tackle eight. And maybe that's who the giants wind up taking the giants. They still haven't fixed the line. Trae lance nine patrick's thirteen ten and interestingly. Most people take like patrick. Sir take missy go back up rod for second like this mcshane's list of best football players and yet how many guys are ranked as football players by mcshea where they're likely to actually get taken. You know what i mean. trevor. Lawrence won overall. He's likely to go one. Overall kyle pits to overall not likely to go to overall it cetera. The only other guy who seems to me to be exe- well sewell is five and a lot of people have five to the bengals. 'certain on a lot of mocks is ten going to the cowboys and sure enough ranked tenth year. Justin feels the eleventh best player. Jeremiah wusa core amoah. I forget how to pronounce his name. The linebacker from notre dame vera tucker. The guard from usc horn jesse horn the corner from south carolina generally considered the second best corner in the draft and mack jones. Fifteen who's likely to go third seems mitch and new jersey. You're on max kellerman show back. I don't match could show first of all if four nine. It's be crazy to pass on chesterfield's if they take Mac john's events jeff. Another caller back lay in the later. Rounds aca rg three. I'm thinking of you the callum on or the kids wake far as jamie newman. And you think the charges be smart to go. Get go get john john. Williams north carolina back Calories gets hurry a little too much too much for monday. They've been fighting with the running backs though but they don't. I don't think they need to take one in the first round. I think you can get a perfectly good back in the second or third round even later. maybe so. i don't think they need to take a running back. That high san diego are san diego. The chargers are going to be a problem throughout justin herbert's career just in. Herbert is some kind of talent Josh in california. You're on the max kellerman. Show josh backs so all these first time. Josh go all right josh. You know what you gotta. I first time might be your last time josh. You know if you're if you're a long time then you know you to get to it. His josh still there shake him another chance roger. Do i have to pump the right all right. Ed josh. all right listen. I got a big problem with dr jay's all-time team not for nothing Just putting jerry west on it in the first place is insanity it well. These are josh going in and out. But listen dr. Jay's list rajput dr jay's list up in front of me again for a second. We're what's pretty obvious to me is as list. He has special reverence for the players. Who are a big deal when he was growing up so he has oscar robertson. Who back then was the greatest point guard of all time before magic johnson. Jerry west who back then was the greatest two-guard elgin baylor back. Then was the greatest small forward right of wilt chamberlain. And did he have bill. Russell and wilt chamberlain. He took the greatest hits of all time from when he was a kid and then on his all second team was the greatest of all time from when he was an adult and as an older man. He doesn't have any of these new players tells you something here who magic would take pick to take the last shot coming up.

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