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In college miller than the fbi investigation into shawn miller is at the center bet and i would rather not have this tournament go by and forget that that is happening whatever you think of it and that the fact that that is happening shows that there needs to be changed in college basketball so just just for a fee matic reason i would like to see shawn miller survive in this tournament as long as possible then i'm gonna tell you that that the ideal final for you is showing miller against michigan state everything chapman has shaken state that's your ideal final all right so let's go let's go in the west go what he got note on west i have just florida state the nine over the eight missouri michael porter jr back they lost their own the game anyway and then i have a ten over the seven i've providence over texas 'em every everything else would be the higher seats i have so good for five matchup one that feels like maybe it should be around thirty game with the ohio skating and good bagga i have ohio state there so slight upset in the five beating the four i don't know why ended up with so much big ten strengths getting that you're right you're right okay so that the the four in the sweet sixteen from that region i have executor high state which is great regional match i have michigan versus carolina which also could be really really fun game i will go with the highest state over dave you're so i'm not with phil's mom on this one docking late and i think that a lot of people will pick if you're going to pick a one c blues early give we'll probably pick against savior agree with that it doesn't so that leads me with the buckeyes in the tar heels in the elite eight and i'll take carolina i mean they're veteran i i know they had quite a bit of inconsistency but it's it seems like they're playing a little bit better late that went over duke was good even though it was an odd game so there's my final four airasia carolina purdue in michigan state.

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