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Donald Trump, United States, Federal Government discussed on Morning Edition


If the Kurdish forces who have fought with the US in Syria, we'll go inside Syria this hour to a city ISIS once controlled how residents feel about the US out and the war after the war is writer, Malcolm glad well song of two thousand eighteen it's Wednesday, December twenty six writer and comedian David sedaris who brings the Santa land diaries to program is sixty two. Here's the news. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Janine Herbst. The federal government is now in its fifth day of a partial shutdown. NPR's Zeina Jaffe reports President Trump says it will not end until the Democrats agree to spend more money for a border wall. Speaking to reporters in the Oval Office on Christmas day, Trump said he couldn't say how long the government would remain shut, but that it won't fully reopen until Democrats agree to his plans for a wall or fence along the US Mexico border. He repeated his largely unsubstantiated claim that many migrants crossing into this country are dangerous criminals. I don't want them in the culture. They only way you're gonna do it is to have a physical barrier, meaning a wall shortly after Trump spoke, it was learned that an eight year old migrant boy from Guatemala had died Christmas morning while in federal custody around eight hundred thousand government employees are affected by the shutdown. Many are still working, but we'll have to wait for the conflict to be set. Settled before they can be paid again. I know Chaffee NPR news. Post holiday travelers and much of the US are facing difficult or impossible driving conditions, South Dakota, public.

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