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Government facilities. Moving forward to CBS is to call skein got. The government says the threat will persist through April. They're urging state officials to remain on high alert as well by 33 traffic and weather together, the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Where are we seeing problems or are we seeing problems Might do we do have a problem up to the north Here, Ben, it turns out we've got a situation on the upper end of route 1 28. Let's go right up to the WBC news radio traffic copter. I kind of suspected There was a reason for this back up as we headed up from Burlington 10 minutes ago ensure enough. We've been a crash. Couple vehicles involved North bound rape before Washington Street, Woburn. They're over in the breakdown. Lane actually have already loaded up one of those vehicles and taking them away. But we've got one more to go on the flatbed record state police air here one state of the left to give them a little more room, but it is slow in this area. Kristen AC in the WBC news radio traffic copter elsewhere to the north highways are a lot quieter than usual. Take Route one. For instance, it's wide open off the Tobin Bridge all the way up in the Lynnfield and Peabody, Roots three and 93 North are both good all the way up to the New Hampshire line. We've got troubles on the expressway. I know it's not what you want to hear about North bounce back in a very quickly through east Milton getting word of a crash. Uh, this is gonna be just before that East Milton Square overpass near Adam streets. So be careful there. I believe one lane. At least one lane is blocked there again. This just happened south found is now stop and go mass have to self bay, but not too bad beyond that roots. 24 95 south. They're fine. And so is that lower portion of 1 28. Downtown store. Oh, drives backed up a little bit coming into Lefferts circle. It's like that. Typically, it's slow on the left word up Krampus. Well, the lower deck of 93 is good. So is the second bridge in the mass turnpikes Trouble. Frias. Well, my king.

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