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Extremely well and he's become a friend over the years eve course had the full throttle saloon show he's still involved in that he has a line of bourbon and he's just always fun to hang out with and always a lot of great stories as well he also was a early believer in supporter and produced early records from the ban blackberry smoke who are starting to emerge do quite well so jesse's involved in a lot of things and we'll talk to him about some of that in the interview you're about to hear also sitting in with him my friend and comedian dean del rey who sat in that day with me and he you'll hear him chiming in throughout so enjoy jesse james depre of jackal coming up in a matter of minutes also just a reminder if you're shopping on amazon amazon dot com slash shop slash eddie trunk start all your shopping there connect with me on social media at eddie trunk twitter instagram facebook at trunk dot com is the website you will see all my appearances listed there like you tonight if you're listening on post day tomorrow afternoon guitar sanctuary mckinney texas next week april seventh in milwaukee i will be at the pot awada me casino northern lights theater hosting saxon black star riders april thirteenth in tulsa at the ideal ballroom hosting la guns april twenty second in houston hosting tom keefer proof rooftop lounge and then don't forget of course m three is coming up rockall home is coming up the ride for ronnie the do charity event may six and then sinoe all the information on all this stuff is on the homepage that he trunk dot com come out and see me new stuff being added all the time as well so very brief open today because i want to get to the interview with jesse you're going to enjoy it it's coming up next on the trunk podcast.

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