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Right how often do you start your stories with like the world in mind as opposed to the characters aina characterdriven writer so generally i do a thing that ray bradbury did which was oh you look like an interesting character i'll think i'll follow you around for awhile until i find a plot when i started that particular series which get was started with blackthorn i had in mind already to write it as a mosaic plot which is what i call the setup for game of thrones it's told from multiple points of view i had read game of thrones has really cool i think i'll i'll try because the way i feel how reality actually works is none of us is like the ultimate savior of the world or whatever we just think we are and mainly we interact with other people and those affects are woven together like it's kind of like dropping a pebble in a pond you know we do we have an action we make a choice in that pebble dropped some conned in ripples in affects other people so it's not a direct thing it's an indirect thing and and the world is a whole all of us are what create change not just one person and i wanted to tell that aspect of it because that actually runs against everything that epic fantasy does right so that was what i wanted to do so i knew right away that nells was going to be one of.

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