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2014 The New Jersey attorney general has opened an investigation into the deaths of John and Joyce Sheridan The case has received renewed attention after release of a podcast from WNYC studios dead end a New Jersey political murder mystery Reporter in host of that podcast Nancy Solomon joins us now Nancy good morning Good morning Michael How are you I'm doing well How about you Is this a new investigation by the attorney general or the reopening of an old one This is new The four sons of John and Joyce Sheridan asked the state attorney general to get involved several times since their parents deaths first because they agreed with disagreed with the county prosecutors offices initial theory which was that John Sheridan had killed his wife and then himself But also because an independent medical examiner determined that the knife that killed John Sheridan was missing That was the first time they asked the attorney general to intervene They asked a second time when several other mistakes by county detectives were discovered And a third time when the couple's oldest son brought documents to the attorney general that had been left on the dining room table the night the sheridans were killed those documents detail a multi-million dollar real estate deal on the Camden waterfront that involved powerful political interests in New Jersey but 5 successive attorneys general never intervened So Nancy I'm curious what has changed here Well there is a new attorney general Matt platkin He was nominated by governor Phil Murphy in February I don't really know what's behind the decision All I know is that over the last couple of years I've tried to get the current and former attorneys generals to speak with me about the decision About not to intervene in the case And all I got was crickets A couple of weeks ago I started hearing from a few people that they'd been contacted by a state investigator I reached out to the AG and his office actually responded confirming the investigation in a one line email Quote our office is investigating this matter and we will follow the evidence wherever it leads Now what can you tell us about who their contacting and what the investigation is looking into I know that a state investigator and an FBI agent interviewed a couple who were close friends of John and Joyce Sheridan I had interviewed them for the podcast and then I spoke with them last week after I'd gotten the investigation confirmed Chris Stevens had told the huge crowd that attended the Sheridan's memorial in 2014 that she had had a three hour lunch with Joyce just a day and a half before the sheridans died And then she and her husband bob were really surprised that after saying that to at the memorial that detectives never interviewed Chris about what Joyce had to say at their lunch That was 2014 The interview Chris did recently was pretty much about that lunch how Joyce seemed and whether there had been any trouble in her marriage Chris said absolutely there wasn't She said she's happy that state and federal investigators are finally asking questions We really would risk easier If we knew that everything was resolved on this it would be very comforting knowing that they finally figured out what the story was Nancy has the shared and families said anything about the opening of this investigation Yeah I talked with Mark Sheridan At first he didn't really believe anything would be done But when I told him that Chris and bob Stephens had actually been interviewed that quickly changed his mind Until you just told me that I didn't know for certain that the attorney general's office was actually reopening the investigation was doing anything So I'm happy to hear that they've started to reach out to people I didn't know that But I certainly think it's a good start It's been what more than 7 years now since the sheridans were killed Do you think the case can be solved Michaela I think it's going to be extremely difficult I don't know what's in the original investigative files from Somerset county Did they obtain surveillance video of cars coming and going from the neighborhood Can DNA be extracted from anything that's been kept or stored The problem is that from everything I've been able to find out the Somerset county detectives believed so fervently that it was a murder suicide that they didn't do much investigating And now 7 and a half years later it's certainly a very cold case But you know some cold cases do get solved So this is a very significant development And Nancy as you're talking about the cold case and what has happened since the night of this what happened to the sheridans I'm just curious what are the reasonable expectations if a knight that was there to see as you say is nowhere to be found Right I mean I'm not sure what you're asking exactly Are they going to find the knife Maybe not likely but let's not forget There's this other case going on in New Jersey Sean cattle a political operative hired two hitmen to murder a fellow political consultant in New Jersey in Jersey City And in that case George Brett is one of the hitmen was arrested Now that murder in Jersey City was four months before the sheridans on the day after the Sheridan's died George Brits and the hitmen was arrested in Connecticut not that far from New York with for a bank robbery and he had a kitchen knife in his car So I don't know anything about that kitchen knife There was a kitchen knife missing from the Sheridan house Has that knife been tested Is there any blood or DNA on it Are they going to be able to make any connections between those two cases which are just eerily similar We don't know But at least for now the family is very happy that actual professional investigators are reopened the case Nancy Salman is a senior reporter WNYC in the.

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