Manhattan, Andrew Cuomo, NPR discussed on Weekend Edition Sunday


NPR news. I'm Kyle Gass it and we got Alabama. And you're listening to NPR news. And this is WNYC in New York. I'm David I watch dog groups have been giving mixed reviews to New York governor, Andrew Cuomo budget plan. Some of them are concerned about extending the so-called millionaires tax Cameron DeWitt reports the governor in his budget proposed extending the temporary income tax surcharge on millionaires for another five years. EJ McMahon with the conservative leaning fiscal watchdog group, the empire center says the state's wealthiest are already under pressure and more taxes could cause them to leave the state altogether. We are very heavily dependent on higher earners, millionaire earn. In New York state. They pay almost forty percent of the income tax Nick man credits Cuomo for pushing to make the state's property tax cap permanent. And he says the governor is holding the line on spending growth once again, thousands of people turned out at competing women's rallies around Manhattan yesterday, the start of the Foley square rally and lower Manhattan was briefly interrupted by a protester pointing to conflict within the movement over control inclusivity and alleged antisemitism. Miriam young was with her daughter at the rally organized by women's March Inc. Which helped organize the twenty seventeen Washington demonstration so important that keep showing up every day. We watch the news or read new stories about horrific things that are happening under the Trump administration. And it's important for us to keep saying we don't want those in that we envision a different world. Young says the Trump administration's attacks on immigrants must stop.

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