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Memorabilia and more, then tune in from your computer, tablet or phone at 4 P.m.. Saturday, February 13th for a free, live streaming event featuring youth for tomorrow, founder and legendary coach Joe Gibbs and fun filled entertainment for the whole family with comedian and illusionist Justin Willman of Netflix. His hit show magic for humans when great prizes laugh until your sides hurt and know that every dollar raised helps youth tomorrow of Northern Virginia provide hope and healing to do. Kids and families in crisis in these challenging times, they need you more than ever. Why. Ft auctions dot com. Investigators say the Nashville bomber mailed packages to some friends before the Christmas Day blast the Tennessee and reports the FBI is studying the materials, the report says. Packages were mailed to several acquaintances around the country with Anthony Warner's outlook on life. Special agent Jason Pack, says the items in the package is a spouse. His viewpoints Warner blew himself up inside an RV packed full of explosive material. Early on Christmas morning there in a TNT switching hub over 40 buildings in downtown Nashville were damaged. While mobile and Internet systems in five states were also affected. A Massachusetts police officer could have charged two women with shoplifting, but instead bought them Christmas dinner that Madison reports Somerset Police officer Matt Lima were spotted to a stop and shop grocery store on December 20th or Employees say the woman didn't scan everything they bagged at self checkout. Lima spoke to them and found out the mother was out of work, having family issues and trying to buy Christmas dinner for her kids, So he served them a trespassing notice instead of a shoplifting charge and bought them a $250 gift cards so they could buy Christmas dinner at another store..

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