FBI, Cavanaugh, Clarence Thomas discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


So an his opening state and then judge Cavanaugh actually said he welcomed an FBI investigation, but then wouldn't go there again during the questioning. When this allegation I arose. I welcome to any kind of investigation Senate FBI or otherwise. I know that any kind of investigation Senate FBI Montgomery County police, whatever. Clear me if you judge Cavanaugh turned down Mcgann and to this committee in say, for the sake of my reputation, my family name and to get to the bottom of the truth of this. I am not going to stay be an obstacle to FBI investigation. I welcome whatever the committee wants to do because I'm telling the truth, I want to know what you want to die. I'm telling you want to know what you want to do this sent. I'm innocent of this charge that you're prepared for an FBI, investigate reach conclusions. You reach the conclusion. They do investigate questions way if there is no truth to her charges, the FBI investigation will show that, or are you afraid that they might not mon- j. with FBI does not reach? Can you know? You know, this is, you know, that's a funny question because the FBI doesn't reach conclusions, Dutch cabinet. Will you support an FBI investigation right now? I, I will do whatever the committee wants to personally. Do you think that's the best thing for us to do. You want to answer look center. I, I've, I've said, I wanted to hearing. I'd said, I was welcome anything. I'm innocent not a Perry Mason moment. Certainly the moment that. Judge Kavanagh's defense certainly wavered. He had no good answer for a three day four day FBI investigation. And yes, the whole world knows Joe Biden told us in nineteen Ninety-one f. b. i. doesn't reach conclusions, but guess what they can do. They can go in and ask smart, judge, where were you here? Where we their, who should we talk to? And they can actually do again every day. It's an investigation instead of just getting a piece of paper that. They can draft for him. Yeah, and I, I have a slightly different take away from all of this and a friend of mine, lifelong democrat said, well, and she was concerned about how Cavanaugh was being treated. This was on Tuesday, and she said, well, maybe it'll make him better judge because he knows what it's feels like to be accused of something and maybe it'll give them insight. But after watching the hearing and watching judge Cavanaugh, I think he will be his temperament is just not suited. I think he's going to be resentful. I think that out of everything we could talk about an FBI investigation, but even if it clears him, I think that he dug himself into a hole yesterday that he can't come out of and be a responsible jurists on the supreme court without being angry and resentful. We know who else. People have said that happened to Clarence Thomas. He was transformed the hearing, so transformed him whether you think he was innocent or guilty. He got onto the court. He was angry and it made him a many people believe for more of a hardliner during his entire term than he would have been because he felt so abused by the process. And again, people can pass their judgement, but God, there is a parallel. It is Clarence Thomas and you've now have a guy who declared open warfare against the Democrats. I'm not judging for it. I'm done just not giving everything he went through, but angry. That's not good for the court, but he also lent in that partisan conversation about bringing up Clinton Trump, and that's what really unfor settled me Joe. That's where I started to feel this person's angry and I don't know if he can come out of it. The Clinton line didn't you think Susan. That was the grand conspiracy line that really made. I said, no problem with you being upset and angry at what's been done to you. And the way the Democrats held this till the very end leaked it, Diane Feinstein. Apparently they were saying shopped a lawyer for for Dr foot. I understand him thinking that the process was rigged against him, but boy, that Clinton line Crichton flange and got wrong. Turning moment with him. I was a big fan of judge on, but I thought he should be heard. I think we had to allow for the possibility that he didn't do this. But when I heard him go down that road, it really turned on. So Joyce, the object of yesterday's hearing was to find the truth to find out what happened..

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