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Fired from a guy that was in that building. So Antonio Brown. Does would anyone would do in this situation? He takes a deep breath he thinks long and hard about the options. And he quote tweets the hell out of that thing and sends it out into the Twitter verse for all of us and says trade me, and let's find out. Good night. First off. That tweet is one of the more insanely idiotic things. I've ever heard the idea that Ben Rothlisberger made Antonio Brown. Pick most people would look at that the other way around in the latter years of bench career, that's not even to despaired. It doesn't have to turn into this. Measuring contest between two guys that are both great their position. But that insinuation is patently offensive and ironic because in all of this situation when we look at the Steelers and this era of the Steelers that have been defined by those killer bees. Ben rothlisberger. A great quarterback a Super Bowl winning quarterback. A guy who in recent years has dipped a little bit production wise, but has had the benefit of those great weapons around him and those great weapons vice versa. When the play breaks down in the last four or five years you'd be hard pressed to find a quarterback receiver combo that are better when the play breaks down. Then Ben Rothlisberger in eight Tonio Brown. They've had this connection that is hardly matched across the NFL. But when you look at the situation, it's been defined by levian bell Antonio Brown and Ben Rothlisberger and really been defined by the very few instances where those three of all been healthy in the meaningful stretches of football down the stretch of the season for the Steelers. But the irony of all this is that Antonio Brown tweeting that out as interesting it is for all off. He's probably the last man standing when it's all said and done out of those killer bees, right? When you look at Ben Rothlisberger, levian Belen. Antonio Brown's you had to bet real money. I which of those would be the last one remaining in a Steeler uniform probably going to be a be right. Ben Rothlisberger guy who until Mason Rudolph showed up on campus with someone who flirted with the notion of retirement for the last couple of years we heard that sound bite early last season. Maybe I just don't have it anymore. Levian bell. Who still not in the building as we go. The Levy on bell tracker still not signed his franchise tag seems like a guy who's going to be in a different uniform come next season. Just doing the quick math. You're based on financials based on where they are in their career trajectory, age wise Antonio Brown seems like the most likely wanted to be left standing so while the just trade me, and let's find out line rings great right now makes for sports talk radio fodder. He seems like the one that they'll actually have left when it's all said and done it at eight seven nine three seven seven six if you'd like to weigh in. But coming up next, we got two of the best rants, you're gonna hear all day. And one of them's gonna come from a dear old, dad. That's next. It's first and last on ESPN radio and the ESPN app..

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