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Points higher America is listening to fox news the commission society of Minnesota weather center cloudy and breezy across the mature this evening with a look tonight of forty nine overcast tomorrow with highs in the late seventies and makes sense sending clouds Wednesday with highs in the mid seventies I'm meteorologist Ashley o'connor on Twin Cities news tack a eleven thirty right now it's sixty one coming up on the Tuesday edition of justice and through the legislature may have a jerk but the work is probably far from over we get the latest from Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka at seven thirty five also we'll keep you updated as more and more businesses open up even some in defiance of the state just under eleven local sixty nine Twin Cities news talk eleven thirty and one thirty five of them from our family to yours please be safe out there if you're looking for something to do we shop Inver Grove Hyundai dot com over five hundred vehicles to choose from here for you when you feel comfortable and ready plus Hyundai insurance America's best warranty ten year one hundred thousand mile powertrain limited warranty Inver Grove Hyundai dot com Inver Grove Hyundai dot com you know what these times a lot of people are thinking about a lot of things including financial situations das here is Terry sand ball at sandvold financial what are you guys doing right now given the situation of the world one of the things that we're empathizing with all of our clients and all of our reviews is looking at the short term making sure that there are clients have enough short term out there and then also doing a review of what are the necessary purchases in the next.

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