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Really liked what dawn Sweeney did this before the trade deadline getting Hathaway Hathaway can skate. He's a vast fucker. He can score. He gets to those dirty areas and he can put the puck in the net, not like a 30 goal score and so on, but he'll get you those goals that make impactful impacts. You know, and yes, you are right. I do like the idea of a Blake combing back in the day because not only can he hear that shit disturb her, but he could also be offensive dynamo, you know? Those are the types of players I wanted to see the Boston Bruins get. And when you talk about the heavier game and the playoff grindy style, I think that they did that dating back to the off season when they actually got AJ grier on a New Jersey. Obviously I didn't know that all this shit was gonna happen with him later on, but AJ career has got some offensive capabilities and some speed. But he's just got to get in the lineup with consistency and make all that happen. But there's a lot of players that are on this team that are pushing him away and him be in the rotation area kind of forward. Those players, I really like. That's how I feel about bertuzzi. To me, it's kind of like a bigger, stronger Coleman. I mean, he's, you know, he'll stir the pot and then he'll also go out there and have some beautiful passes and you know, I think that he's exactly what they're looking at. He's kind of player I love. So I'm a huge part of the guy. I love that move. So yeah, something's happening with Tampa. And I love to love to see it. I thought, by the way, I thought I really thought Jack Edwards was going to need a change of pants after that first period. He was so obsessed with Patrick maroon and oh, by the way, I don't blame him. I don't blame him. The fact that he would still want to the locker room and Patrick maroon bitched him out for like 8 minutes or whatever that was. Jack Edwards man, you're sitting in front of that microphone and that guy acts like such a jackass. Oh man, he's been waiting. I don't think he slept a wink last night. He was just laying there going, oh, that's stupid, stupid, stupid, Patrick maroon. So that's pre roll hanging out in his mouth. Yeah, for real. Oh my God. He's doing something, man. So that win against Tampa did clinch the Atlantic division title already. Bruins still have ten games to go. 56, 11 and 5 record a 117 points. Mark, do you care about them breaking any records? These point records and all that stuff do you care? I don't. No, I just want them to play well, I want them to stay healthy. Load management is going to be up and coming. The power plays just got to get a little bit better. And it's going to get harder. Like I wrote in the article at black people hockey dot com. Please go check it out. There is enough time, ten games to get to these guys and practices and games to get the power play better.

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