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But. I think this is a book that we put in Second Guy Bucks me. Mr Broad I have been talking about it. Survivor strategies. Odd Solutions We talked about the problem in this book and I WanNa, know something that I'm embarrassed. I've never actually read this book. This book influenced me so much that I would keep reading it over and over again I think. To be a better role model to sally. I WANNA. Read this. Maybe we'll read it together you. Together if you if you agree to. Fix. Your whole life is a pick right now. and. Colors for you life of pick I feel. Like shoot is scored rock retire if he was six five. Six Kobe's about. What I'm saying is BRO is. A lot of this stuff? I want you to get into, but it's fun and it's like I. I know but I know it. Don't mean. She was just like playing a video game every day we do everything we some of the alternate universe I like. That's one of the thing he. He's one of the guys that go to Bizarro land to stay. There I go there for a while attending for a few hours and then I come back. Come on back over what I'm telling you this everything. Everything that we do your whole life is a pig broke my own as I said there on my whole life is a pig for you all. This is what you decided. You trash you, but you you like. I need a pick to get like you know like you. Like two points. Six two points not want to dunk motherfucker head. I WANNA bits Carter. They ask it catching back here. I want that that's what we will. Put, what off the glass for you know what is so we? You know what Dr J. showed. You can still dunk. Corey! Is there. Anything you WANNA leave us winning anything positive anything dog based. On about and dog based, but now I just want to say. I think there's something to be said about. Earning earning your way to something, you appreciate things different when you work for versus if something's just give it to you and I think that's something that a lot of people don't understand like you just genuinely appreciate something that you worked for that. You know you grounded for. And I want I. Want these parents to know that our children again. Our reflection of what we did or did not do I think we gotta be. Consistent a little bit more consistent about these we stand now we stand for. We appreciate the David Benner Pie Cass. We love you are. What's happening? It's David Banner from David. Benner podcast and I'm here to tell you about Anthony Broad. He is the author of from the broader foul and survival strategies for Africans in America, and the contributed to a time line, which documents eight thousand years of African history. You know you saw it on the show. Don't front brought as an expert in now. and has research Egyptian history for over forty years he has traveled to Egypt fifty eight times and has traveled to Rome in Israel researching the African origins of religion broader, conducting part two of a Webinar on.

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