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Oh i see that we are all kinds of really dum story but now you want slow yours it got an empty this but his faces so red okay efforts yet i mean that particular instance at i believe in this is not something that i wanted to do right now but it but i will because you know um so i think the story i told that particular days about i a condition that i have called trick attila mania i have to do you have the calling me here the whole time we've been talking really okay old so it that is a i mean as you just said basically you know whenever i'm stressed out earlier you know something going on i will basically just like pull it my hair sometimes it pull it out sometimes it is play with it but over the years like there's been some very noticeable lake you know patches and various instances where like it becomes really clear that lake i i don't know people say like i'm pulling my hair out like i think this is where it comes from and i've got a very pointedly avoid talking about it always yeah so now i get that i mean not to talk about it now it's going to avoid at what i did for an entire summer was far like this one billy dope baseball cap i make acts like it was like a stylised declines but like what i wanted to do was like statments announcing that hair extensions about this because when you hair extensions and you're like a glamorous and beautiful lady than liquor here's tied up he can't do it yeah i mean so i of i've done the baseball had thing luke of tried putting table my fingers like you don't have done it all in the eighth on your fingers because then you can't do it hot but then i mean it allows for like a month and then i'll just go right back to it like you know it's it's one hundred percent related tells stressed the aim at that moment so like if work is busy or if i have like a bad relationship or something and then i'll just do more of it and then it becomes noticeable in and it's leg is snow licht the snowball effect you know it just click question click questioned when others since not true.

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