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And joe. And i are thrilled to be back full yet. Another episode and the software noon. Well today. we're recording this on january the twelfth which is actually my granddaughter's fourth birthday. She's not my youngest one. She's number three four. She's full youngest stuffing something like any third or fourth youngest says hubbert against her zoom birthday party. His little rock down and away. Yes sounds really fun empowered. Not that's really different with taller. We're all of us to from a business beside did doing zoom teams but as quite interesting thought that you'll to a children's policy. Well i don't quite know what it will entail. But she's what's a precociously for one and she stands up and she'll saying and she'll talk she's very grownup. She speaks very grants she says. Thank you for body for coming to. My office is really grown up. But she's she's she's fun so whenever we've been using zoom actually we have a family get together once a month My daughter has had mentioned ad. Nauseam lives in states We are here in the tiniest out. We have a son indochino and the grandchildren in london and we have also and my brother and my two sisters. My brother lives here in israel but in the north of my two sisters live in london and we have a family quiz once a month or family get together so we use zoom socially once a month and it's really interesting because that's what the pandemic catchy has enabled us All made us do which we could have done before but didn't make the effort to or didn't think about said yes since everybody is remote now because the pandemic everybody's finding much more creative ways of using the technology that we've got is interesting isn't it before the pandemic. We all took it for granted that we could jump in our car and go and visit eight. Sisters brothers nieces. Nephews will by on Fun we take away. The need to connect expelled greater. Hasn't yet it says but but my point is we are very scattered. We won we. Wouldn't you know. We have to get on a plane if body in different directions to america into the uk yet. The ones that live here we can get mccaren. See them again but what this has made us do is have a proper family gets together once a month. Yes and the young amendments the family have been in charge of creating quiz each time so depending on. Who's doing the quality of the quizzes. Being interesting statement. So but david and i have bowed out. We said with with the way. The patriarch matriarch of the family. We're excused from creating quizzes. Don't my idea of fun questions. Have you hide you quizzes. A we've had all sorts of things We had one which was general knowledge which was done very well. Actually at was using a couple of times we've used kaku twitches bring quiz platform and It's just all sorts of things. There was one a forgettable episode. One forgettable one where One of our nieces was in charge and the questions were. I don't know why they came from her immagination but they were definitely nothing normal. That any normal human being dancer but said but it's but it's fun is just all. We demand the mystery. One one time as well all right. That was quite interesting. Doing a murder mystery resume. But anything's possible. If you can be a bit creates of about it. How would be testing us. loss to cabal Connect with family. Fantastic as what you can to. My sister sends us she she to graph shakeup the the the mystery kit and she photograph the pages for each character. Because normally what happens you each. Get to booklet. Need to be told who your character was. She assigned all the characters. She photograph the pages and she sent a soul. Independently are characters the synopsis that we needed. And then on the thing. We did it over dinner. We all had a week different time zones so depending on what meal you are at and and then we did the play and ask the questions. He was quite fun. It was quite fun so much. Work to organize but he sounds brilliant. Was it was really really good. It was really good but anyway. I think we've whistled a hundred ham. Radio talked about anything work related. But i think that said kay so i think sometimes we don't have to side and this it's going at in february so we'll see what situation is by then we can chat often. We'd welcomes guest two guests. This weightlessness is the wonderful gwen beck house and she's Secretarial chistmas fabulous logo of this mutual bank but and I'm really excited to chat with her in a few minutes. So we'll go get him out. Welcome back listeners. On welcome to gwen. Now i you win beck household gwen back back how this i have this tendency to write back and i wear that comes cooled all sorts about some new. I wanted to go cold. Mrs. frizzle a assim pod. I order the new phone or Came addressed to mrs frizzell incident mississippi which i thought that was a. That was my most unusual one. So welcome to the podcast. Gwen and i i you. I think at the northwest via conference. I think you were you. Were that identity whether you were commend our that you were speaking or pasta panel or whatever. But that's why you caught my eye. And i've been following you ever since and i know that you enjoy joe condo each other although of never met Do you want to tell our listeners. Who you are what you do on electro stuff. Yes so. I am. Gwen and my businesses kelly secretarial solutions. And i'm just coming up to my seventh business birthday. Which is quite exciting on the first february. So yes I have a background in all things secretarial digital qualifications at college and worked in doctor's surgery for many years and then i was a pi to health lady who She was pretty much my role model for everything. I've gone on to do She taught me all about networking and marketing. Your business and and kind of pitfalls to watch out for when you're self employed so i quite a lot really and Yeah i kinda veit it off when talk did a degree in environmental science just because i liked it and while the kids were growing up but ultimately came back to my first love. Which is everything.

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