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So Robin, Akiva, d you already stand something. I don't know if there's anything that you feel like, oh, yeah. I'm definitely a STAN of this back up and explain what standing means for older or young. Like listeners who might not be like super sure because it didn't come up on the millennial lingo things I feel like not everybody. But if you want to give the explanation, Akiva, why think it just means you're a super fan of something? And I think the the word is from Eminem song STAN rise like obsessed fan who ends up trumping off a bridge or something like that. Right. An eight when you have a sort of like a or rational love of something that even defies logic. And I think that probably for Akiva and myself that I think as sports fans, this is something that we can relate to in the same way that we love our teams irrationally even when somebody who as a sports fan. I think where you have somebody who like it was another team this person one hundred sixty two game ban for PD's if it was on your team. Oh, I mean, he he didn't know what was going on you sort of like jump through hoops to. Rationalize even when things are going wrong with the thing that you love that is when you are a STAN of something where if you were an objective person, you could clearly see the flaws, and what's what's great. What's not so great? But STAN culture has invaded all aspects of our life. Yeah. Leon is asking what we stand?.

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