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They say people will quit managers not companies. It's how you are getting new people all the time as expensive costs money having good solid motivated dedicated employees works for me. That strategy is always been when I'm bringing new people into the team. I narrow it down to two or three excellent candidates and then I bring the rest of the team in and I let them make the final decision on who they want to work with. It gives them ownership. It gives them a feeling of being a king and queen they have been responsible for bringing this person in they know it's someone they want to work with they can work with and I've found that it makes teams Thrive and everything flows easier off. That reminds me when I was in college. I'm not going to mention the name of it, but it's a well-known fast food chain, right? So I was in my senior year and I had to make money off. So I was working there and we had an incredible manager. I mean everybody loved her and she went on vacation for a week and I was the second to leave because the person who came in treated us in words that I'm not going to say, but you can all imagine and everything we did. I mean, remember I burned by finger and they told me you should have one minute and then you got to get back and get on it wasn't like I'm even sorry you burned your finger, right? And so I I quit the first person was fired. I could that was just like the second day same person was there I could only imagine, you know that the that she came back and there was no team left because of the way and it was the opposite of what you were talking about exactly. I wasn't in, New Jersey. Or goodness, I couldn't do anything. Right? Right. And the thing is I think a lot of entrepreneurs and I fell into this trap myself. So I know it. Well we're so focused on well revenue is what makes my business Thrive, It's actually impact and all your people working together exactly and but then there's the call opposite of it is the cost of losing good people right or losing you know, or not hiring the right people so long if you look at it that way to gets you there faster with less resistance less struggle less cost. So that's why I think it's a really good strategy to have. Well, you know, it's conscious millionaires. It's it's about consciously making that impact and creating the profits but it's also about just making a contribution with our lives. So I'm curious as to what something you do to make a bigger contribution through your life Eric. Well, this is it. I mean, really put my focus on how can I create? How can I be a hero everyday? Do I do something heroic every day and for me that means creating kings and queens become Heroes took their own. So I look at what impact am I having on other lives positive impact and if for some reason it's a negative impact, what's the lesson to be learned there? Cuz you gotta look at both right way to look at while I made a quote-unquote mistake or had a failure. What did I learn from that will move me where the people around me faster? So that's my conscious thing everyday is dead. Am I being the king minute might hate feet Hit the Floor being it's about being more than doing for me. Am I being the king am I creating other kings and queens because that gets me towards hee-ro thought to be a hero everyday. What's a book you'd recommend for entrepreneurs that are listening. One of my favorite books and it's it's interesting cuz not a pure Business book, but it is a book about some of the things we're talking about. It's called iron John. It's a classic book by the author Robert Bly. It's a beautiful break down. He he does a a full analysis of a Grimm's Fairy Tale called iron John about a wild man and a prince and it's really is about us denying that Wild free Beast that wild person inside all of us, which is partly our Warrior and how we don't give it enough credit and what it can really do for us and the Beautiful Things we can accomplish by embracing that side of us. So I think it's a great great book for especially entrepreneurs cuz you could see where your Wildman wild woman will really help you and we're able to help people that are around you. And I want to remind you might be driving jogging doing something where you're not sitting at a desk and looking at a computer. I want to remind you that everything about today's and all of our life can be found at conscious millionaire show and then just scroll down on that page. So you see the title of today's show motivate and Inspire your team member click on that. It'll take you to the show notes and we'll have all the answers to these questions all the ways that you can contact Eric. In fact, I'm going to ask him right now. What's the best way but we'll have all the social media for him and links to everything from the show. And so Eric. I know they're probably a lot of people listening that are really connecting with what you're saying. What's the best way for them to reach you off? I always recommend LinkedIn. I love it because is a business connection and I want people to take action that will contact me. So you look me up on LinkedIn. I'm easy to find on there. Send me an image. Send me a connection request. Tell me that you heard about me on on the show and that you're looking to learn more about how to you know, create kings and queens in your in your organization. Send me the note and then we'll talk from there. I love hearing from people that way I'm curious because you're someone who's really out there playing big. What is your next Summit? And what might be a challenge that you've got to overcome to get to yet that new Mountaintop. Yeah, that's a great great question. I really do feel into this and I think one of the things is so I've got some chunks coming out. I'm working on two different books right now. And one of the things I always say is not enough time. I'm too busy time. It's all about time and I have this notion of time as this enemy and it really want to that's my Challenge and my I want to conquer that the the the concept of time and I'm too busy and there's only a certain amount that I can get a job. I mean that's that's a limiting belief of mine. And that is my next dragon to slay. Well time is one of those things we all have to deal with I deal with it all the time and I have to remind myself it's really about priority. And what is your top priority and then the trick to that priority thing is being able to just say some things aren't they're not going to get done and I'm not going with them and that's okay. You know, the final question is really our our trademark question Legacy. What is the Legacy you'd like to leave Eric? I think it goes right along with what we've been talking about this entire episode and it is legacy of Heroes. I mean to me it's what do you leave behind? You not money not you know all these things. It's the ripples we've created so it would be heroes creating Heroes creating Heroes teaching people to lift up everyone else that's around them lift them into their greatness show them that you believe in their greatness home. Help them get their on path help them on their hero's journey because they will in turn do that down the line and I don't believe there's any greater Legacy than just through generations creating hero a m e r o after hero. I want to thank you again for showing up for showing up yourself for showing up to take another step. We're here to help you do that. That's what conscious millionaire is all about helping you build a business that's going to make those High profits and it's going to fulfill you and help other people by making a positive impact. I look forward to connecting with you on the next conscious. Yin are and Eric. Thank you so much for being our featured guest today. My pleasure JV. Thanks for having me on you're absolutely welcome. I'll connect with you on the next conscious millionaire..

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