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Feeding yourself you don't have to go to work use go out a little later you hang out a little longer and if one thing leads to another it's totally fine on the Wednesday before thanksgiving the later on in the program the candy Harper's gonna give me an update on her rage two minutes hate yesterday about leaf people leave leaves on the US side walk to meditate should be fine to do that doldrums of financial ruin because Katie slipped and fell which is running from a wall for the neighborhood on a straight leaf she is an update on the leaf lever get a dock some so that's well maybe not but I should say the story that's come up get a traffic court from Tracy Taylor seventy five minutes to call my to Olympia our drive is about an hour from Olympia to to call Monday still some heavy traffic on south and a five from outside of highway eighteen and that's all the way out to the dumb and the valley freeways little touch to go after highway eighteen as well in the parts about going to Pacific we are crawling around at four ten five twelve interchange now a driver is you're going to run into some earlier problems and that was on northbound I. five in south and I five through the district waiting for my map to refresh here so I can give you a better idea of the backups so it what was happening through the U. district out near fifty as it sounds like they had to block off at least the late if not the exit ramp up but we're still very heavy outside of the north gate through the downtown corridor and pretty busy up south in our health northbound five that a crawl outside of the U. district out towards the county line and it is bumper to bumper the Boeing freeway up to zero five two eight in Marysville taking a look at your real time to travel time right now for the bell viewed to ever it sitting at sixty four minutes our Bellevue to test will it drives at forty five and if you're going from Seattle to ever it's gonna take you seventy four minutes however radio real time traffic entry are you ready for thanksgiving is you got to be here instead of home cooking Dakota Johnson one of the.

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