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Mind after you martyr? Yeah, my only point that I wanted to make Woz if anyone thinks we're gonna move on after the next 12 days, I think you've got another thing coming. I think they're gonna go after Trump as long as they can Just send a message trying to keep him from ever doing anything ever again because I hate him so much that obsession and they're not gonna let it go. Yeah, No, I think there's I think there's an obsession on. Yeah, I think you're right. Yeah, you don't You think he's gonna come back? You don't think this tarnishes his political in Do you think you'll be back in 2024? If he doesn't come back, he's gonna He's gonna do something. You don't want to go play. He's not used to lose him. Yeah. Sorry, Don. I don't think we're moving forward. Well, I didn't say we are moving forward. I I think I said, Let's let's try Or maybe I did say that. But I understand exactly what you're saying. He's not gone Hey, will be a thorn in the side of the Democrats in one way or another federal prosecutors to D. C. They've begun filing charges in connection with that the events of the capital 55 criminal cases. Have been filed so far, including 15 federal cases, all of which are directly related to the breach of the capital. The acting U. S Attorney for D. C. Michael Sherwin says more charges could be filed as prosecutors continue to review the incident. And he promised to bring the most maximum charges that we can based on conduct s. Oh, there you go. I mean it, Z You want a lot of these cities, People get arrested for these kind of things and writes those charges have all been dropped unless they have other criminal things against them On. In fact, here in Austin several the charge is going to be dropped against some of the people that faced arrest and citations in protest here. They're at the specifically around the You know the police headquarters. Now, I You know, it's almost cliche. Now. It's been talked about ad nauseam in it, but The gap. They say it again. The hypocrisy right now, as far as the distinct that's been making on the left versus what they did not do during the protests over the summer. It's It's just It's stunning, man. Just make your make your ears pop. It is 6 49 guns in America. So present time for a Texas.

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