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Okay oh my god. I'm at wendy's but listen. This lady knows my orders and i don't know if she's remember now or not but here we go because it's not monday but it's still big potato to stay. Hi can i get a number six and instead of fries. Can i get a chilean cheese. Baked potato with two sour creams bureau. Yes already looking at the window. Thanks welcome. She's not doing so comedy. Podcast featuring bobby. I don't want to be viral. I wanna be inspirational and life. Chain g faulk. Jim can i say finally he's just like you can follow me like my body. Tell me all about a mini york right but you like mushroom. Cheap drunken saddened. Jim's face right now it's killing me. Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of. She's not doing well. I'm bobby i'm the men's gem gyms gets hurled in the mental. He is so sick. I have never ever towel. Sorry we're recording Sick full-contact she wants to get in the hot tub and go downtown and party with gifts. And i know he's like literally throwing up in front of me right now. No planning on going anywhere tonight so unless they rally rally. I may better than like a puke and then take a swig of alcohol. Oh god this is not good. It's it's it's actually does not puke. Either it's always bad. Epics start of an episode of. Jim is stinking water. It's literally water water. Yeah that's bad when you can't keep waterdown that's bad when you open your mouth up. Fran hi joe it. I actually coached. I actually love it. That was loud. Wow wow this is all things to urban. Which i'm never drinking again. You're hangover so my friends are like. Let's have a bourbon night. Okay koufax bourbons not oh. I didn't know that permits like so. Strong will yeah. He's throwing up again. If i think about bourbon i will just nonstop and i think i had like six bourbon mixed drinks that i thought were just normal throat by going. I know it's not that it's just life. Oh my god you're throwing up your life. Yeah life makes me throw up. So that's pretty bad jim. That's pretty yeah. It was very bad. I mean i've never seen him. This hung over. It's kind of making me feel validated. That we all get old and we all start feeling the effects and it's happening to my children can't have six bourbon drinks after fog. I i didn't know that. I've never had bourbon last night. Now well yes. I didn't uber. I just. I'm so proud like i'm giving you a lot more accolades right now. Well the thirty minutes away from my home so that was my first mistake to go there. Because i'm like yeah. Let's do with this yet. In canada in canada. I even brought my passport and also lost it at my friend's house but we'll my expired one. We why would you bring your job. I was going to canada. So it's time. And then i lost it and i have a picture of me holding it by. Wow your goddamn disaster minutes away. And i'm like how getting home after i realized i was way too drunk. Like how am i do. Drive there or did uber there. We got driven there. But after you have some urban you can't drive back through like all just taken over. Yeah and i over. Did they have going up very quietly. In my sweatshirt in my swipe had my sweatshirt my hand. And i just made a all out of it and then like put my and i was like aw i love throwing up in a number i throw up. An uber is all the time. Isn't that why you got kicked off of lubar. No i got kicked out uber. Because my friend got naked. In the. But i have thrown up shit got naked. It was a my account. But i usually just don't even tell anyone what it's throw up on the floor and like act like it was there when i found like oh. I don't really drink until i throw up. That to me is well. I haven't thrown up after drinking and that and that final answer to me. I usually don't either. I usually herp lethal after. Drinking will also eat. But when i do drink throw up one time. I was in queens at the hookah bar melody and i drink so many shots that i had to have the cab driver. Stop on the queensboro bridge. Saw got out on a threw off the bridge and psychic. None of that was different than me. Here out of sucks cockle unblock. I saw really hot latina cock. That was the rhode island bridges not to twenty fucking bridges. Telling me it's like pittsburgh just like a shitty dirtier pittsburgh. It is not actually a fan downtown. I don't really like the people. And i'm from their my family's is too. I hate the people. But i my family. My family's there. I don't like the people. I don't like any people. I don't know how i feel. You know in general. I love getting high. Because you're crazy. You're just saying that to me and timmy t. Fair and like. I was slightly hung over what happened last night. I got really high like really fucking hungover. I got so high. That is drink when i get really high. I get really cotton mouthy. And i need water or beer so i drink. I was drinking a ton of beer beer beer. And unfortunately i just drink beer so i had like four big tallboy beers in the span of probably an hour and a half to our and miller a hot. I wanna be mask at the softball. The gays yeah beer. Yeah like cutting down that. And then i actually went to the bathroom and urinal oh thank you. Good like dick sow. I'm not actually a fan or did you excel. There was a really good ball. Okay but i still like did it at twice. So where was it at berliner park. Like oh i've been there rarely at the actual softball fields that we went to watch the games and there was this whole like dance party amount. There's like a dj from a world renowned dj. But nobody was there dancing. And i'm like a bunch of guys like cleats and then they take it serious. We're going to talk like i'm yeah. Okay i guess sorry. I'm falling apart fair to me so bad that came and say if i say wolf i'll throw up again big wolf big worth so. I really didn't write much down this week. This week's and be a little bit off the cuff for us. Which is fine. Only thing i really have written. Is this going to be like. This is a little off. Typically.

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