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Stateowned enterprises that's the reason why we're in business and this is a remarkable development and you have to really congratulate the imf the ifc world bank put pushing this concept in saint to these countries look you want to grow you've got it privatisers tatum enteprise uvira open up your markets and make it a market economy that's the reason why china is growing because they've adopted the market economy model how much standardisation is there as a result of the multi lateralism that that you described as a result of that that push at by having the imf the world bank cheering for this were making it happened is it easier for you to enter into a market or to see how a market is due oil is much easier for us to go in when the government is saying look we got privatize we're going to list stateowned enterprises we can open up the market to more free enterprise environment but of course then we've still got the problems of politics because they some of the oil apparatchiks who don't want to give up power of this sega enterprises and then of course we have the legal system which is different in every country could come back you're just a moment but on the issue of past invested this a change how we approach emerging markets are you at all concerned it less research were less engagement goes into the process if you have more passive approach to investing of course have to see change because what happens is that you i have on one side etf space which is just following the leader following the index and the other side you're going to have acted and by the way i'm kind of happy even though we're not getting the plo's of this size of etf skating earn i'm very happy with his change because now is forcing us to say look we not filing the index we cannot look at the index now we've gotta do our own thing what your or squared the in hokkaido have the number of him i therefore but it but basically we have moving away early next in a big way i wanna come back and talk economics with the gentleman over the perch meant from the massachusetts institute of technology that would be mark mobius we will do that terrific new slow out of washington today as well futures negative dow futures negative 58 this warning the.

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