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The man grabbed the ball on the widely seen video at actually already helped a little boy of all earlier. The young man is a game used ball and a hobby buys ball all is well guys. A-ok. So let it go people. I retweeted all that because I was part of seeing a video and not even thinking for two seconds that there might be another back story. And there are still some people saying still that ball was clearly meant for the kid. And it should have still gone to him. He should have gotten to balls one. Both of them game us. None of them signed by hobby buys. The cubs played a role in this because him them tweeting out this picture of, hey, everything's a-ok. Kind of there was like, I don't know the bus Bartman is the guy behind him. Exactly. And so let this be a lesson because. Back in the day. By the way, this is now the second segment narrow which I'm dating myself. That's okay. Mitch. That would have been on sportscenter out of done. The highlight of that Dan, Keith was on again last night. Would have done the highlight of it. We're seeing all of us would have been, and that would have made it on sportscenter. We might have by that time, gotten the back story of it or gotten it wrong, gotten it wrong because we didn't know the backstory because we wouldn't have had Twitter to tell us a back story or read it or whatever to tell us a back story to hold our horses. But folks I wouldn't have been walking around in the afternoon at one o'clock in the afternoon, seen it in the palm of my hand. We are so damn quick. And I am going to raise my hand and tell the my folically challenged compadres my bad. I apologize. And I will from now on refrain from doing this sort of stuff I have to, I have to certainly the journalism degree that I got from northwestern. This should be taught in schools. This is an important lesson. We need to hold some horses in this day and age with thinking viral. So quick, you know, I feel for this guy that for he's there is still some people that haven't seen the not. Let's put it this way. Not everybody who re tweeted the video of him not giving the ball to the kid re tweeted the corrections, which is what I did. So I'm gonna put myself in the back row and tell me that I sucked. Yesterday, I feel bad. I really do. And I guess the messages to everybody out there, a baseball game give every damn ball kid. Well, that was that was we're not on that. You're like the kiss you to call it. Come on. To get you to Kat it. He has a glove. Why are you bringing up to a game? Yours? Catch ball, a little child. Well, he couldn't catch it because he already had a ball in the glove that the guy giving him. I mean, imagine that at the time that I was re tweeting this and saying, this guy sucks that that it would that that the kid already had a ball that the guy behind him help get. Now, here's another thing too that I'm saying this right now. I'm hoping that these guys that I'm fellow that I'm quoting the deadspin put out there. Everybody else that this guy's not messing around anymore. This is why we can't do anything fun anymore. It's like people just want to ruin it just for the sake of ganging up riling on it stinks. It's definitely a lesson. It's definitely a lesson in everybody should just, I guess, take a beat certainly since you can hit with one button, I see it in my hand and I'm putting it in the hands of. But despite the Twitter purge five seventy thousand fewer people, five second clip can ruin someone's life when it's the complete opposite of what actually happened. This is not the way life should be going right now. Two thousand eighteen. There's a lot of bad stuff already happening. Why are we gonna like ruin people's lives. Go to baseball games. We have been hoodwinked, bent, booze, let us stray Runamuck and that was because the Knicks drafted poisoning which turned out just fine. Yeah, we are in the time man. It's really, really stinks, eight, four, four, two, four, rich number two. Dow here on the rich Eisen show. When we come back, we'll take the call rich Lerner from the golf channel on what we saw yesterday in Carnoustie everybody's.

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