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It seems like there's two separate phenomena. So the multiples will and I do think it's related to what you're talking about. I do think that when there's a certain amount of shared expertise in the air, and people, there is something that's ripe if you have that expertise and intelligence the talent, the background, the resources, all these perfectly. There are multiple people with perfect storms. They have the bold perfect storms that I think can independently come up with it. But I don't have a good. There's another different phenomenon because I was just thinking like, are there instances where a great discovery happened? And there really wasn't great here in expertise. And there are a few instances throughout human history, where that is the case. And now I'm not going to get all ancient aliens on you. I don't think it's like, you know, they were Tapping into the Akron record. It's called ancient aliens. Actually, I was in an episode of ancient aliens on genius. So that's why I joke about this because I was actually the expert in that episode. And they manipulate what I said. I was trying to be very scientific about it and then this guy was like, well, could it be that they were Tapping into the aliens? But I didn't say that. But there's got to be an explanation for it. And you know, at the end of the day, I think that maybe, you know, there is something to be said for talent. There is something to be said for. Some of these prodigies, these child prodigies have a certain genetics that they can be traced to their ancestors who had certain expertise. So I'm not actually rolling out the idea of epigenetic transmission, you know? And that's the shared expertise throughout the ages. Intergenerationally. So that's another one. That is that is. So talk about cutting edge. I know, I know, it really has got it really is. So we talk about it in that first one that I 7 years ago that I recorded was more about the science of learning. The science of learning, yeah. Yeah. But I want to listen to it again after this. Yeah. Yeah, that would be really fun. We know so much more now. We're here right now. There are a lot of things I wish I didn't know. I know. I was more naive then. Right. The line from above Seager song which I didn't know now would wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then. Yes, exactly..

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