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KCRW next week with more. KCRW sponsors include net. Flicks presenting triple frontier starring Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac and Charlie Hunnam, former special forces operatives attempt to rob a violent cartel in triple frontier inflect theaters now in on that flex March thirteenth rated r. Support comes from UCSB arts and lectures, presenting Elizabeth Rosenthal March thirteenth at the new Vic editor in chief of Kaiser health news Rosenthal is also the author of an American sickness a shocking investigation of America's healthcare system, a former ER physician and award winning reporter for the New York Times. She'll unpack one of the nation's most complex institutions and examine what people can do to repair it to get arts and lectures, UCSD dot Six forty eight a KCRW. Good evening. I'm Steve take us and the waning moments of all things considered. I hope you'll stick around though, because we have left right and center, seven o'clock tonight, the latest politics and a lot to talk about to the president, of course, talking and visiting Alabama this week in the wake of tornado damage in that state. But also talking a lot about the Paul Manafort affair as well. And Paul Manafort, of course, sentenced to just under four years in prison. More on that coming up in the ramification with the president had to say about it and analysis to left right and center, seven o'clock in just a few minutes right here on KCRW beyond that music for you to help you sort of clear the pallet as it were to get you into the weekend. We'll have more news covers though, obviously tomorrow morning weekend edition Saturday and Sunday to right here on KCRW. Holly Adams is looking at traffic across the area. Hello, holly. What's happening? Hello. While Orange County's been a tough ride today. We have in custody. Now on the northbound seventy three before bears street. It looks like we have a crash in the center divider. Also in cerita eastbound ninety one at karma Nita collision there that wants taking up the right shoulder. It's moved to the right shoulder. But traffic is still slow from shoemaker kalaiana. Thank you support for NPR comes from Elsevier. Global information. That'll lyrics business serving scientists and clinicians with a commitment to helping them to manage their work more efficiently. So they can spend more time making breakthroughs Elsevier dot com. Ten minutes to seven right now..

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