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Tammy matassa. Komo news time six Daniel in the middle of twenty minutes of nonstop news. Now, it's time to check sports and from the Harley exterior sports desk. Here's Frank Garrity. Trying to deal with the scare from the bus accident involving members of the marching band and spirit squads the Washington husky football team getting sent for this year's apple Cup later today at Washington state game that'll be heard right here on KOMO husky coach Chris Peterson knows full. Well, this is what it's all about. Now or setup for why we why we come here. Trying to play for. Oh, Pac twelve championship to that. Goes the winner will get that north channel and a chance to play Utah next week in the conference championship. There's no stopping the saints. These days. It's now a ten game winning streak for New Orleans as a breeze by the falcons to cap off the NFL thanksgiving schedule thirty one seventeen four touchdown passes for drew Brees. The Cowboys beat the Redskins thirty one to twenty three to move into a tie with Washington atop the NFC east the bears. Top the lions to open the day twenty three sixteen. Chicago is one five street. Sports attended forty past the hour on the home of the huskies. Frank garrity. Komo news. Komo news time six ten. Well, it's black Friday night. It's expected to be the biggest shopping day of the year many deals already started with the thanksgiving holiday, and once again online shopping will increase ABC's, Emily rows in Washington with what the experts are saying analysts project a seventeen percent increase in online commerce. This black Friday nearly six billion dollars in sales. But if you're logging onto by all..

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