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At just vr airs presence in not why get a frontier you know uh all future tech fond you know and that's because we want me really wanted to be the to think vr a are and venture we won the first thing mine is pure positioning right and so when you know everything that we've talked about the fondly best we may the articles he rai everything about it is bowel really solidifying in beijing dassault's yeesh between adding f as an entrepreneur and i want to raise money from y'all some of the smartest guys in space i shall talk presence nama saying that we are but hopefully that him association gifts given yeah it's it's you've been in a lot of deadly greater businesses in the in the space at any companies that you wish you were in that you passed honored unit meet with oh man c i i really you know we i really like with two guys over at place for doing so lucky still guys so i'll bet narod i've known him for for oil for my time at my time as they could use he created friends than it was his company it's where it was off by uprising after that religious really great guy really rajner and adding he was offset race before we got a god's started i think next to your is really great by than what they're doing with the with live sports is incredible daves students nominal job at lock of content licences so so those guys are awesome amdahl's or other while look what's about rescuing this law as they've they've done a great job at establishing cells count yellen captured us lucien those guys like reject the kuwaiti thosethose is read up you know i would like the were not listening for the couple couple.

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