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He loves payoff. Ware not going to create the backdrop for the violent chaos. He wants to see Nancy Hardy NewsRadio 105.9 FM. Meanwhile, in Springfield, some Illinois lawmakers were hearing about police training in the use of force presenting the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. Retired chief Chuck Gruber says use of force is under investigated. Right now you get a use of force and most police departments The police officer writes. What happened? It goes to the sergeant to sergeant reviews, signs it and sends it in. Nobody even goes to the scene to look and see if there was any evidence. In any other crime that's committed. You're going to look for evidence. What they learn at the Academy Force treating generally is throughout the entire 14 weeks, as far as the use of force has also been uncovered the escalation that's Kelly Griffith, counsel to the Law Enforcement Training Standards board. The Illinois capital, David all news radio 105.9 FAA on the Presidential Campaign trail. Jill Biden visited the Wilmington, Delaware school today. To promote her husband's plan for how schools should reopen the mid. The Corona virus is the Biden campaign. Anders what's promises to be a grueling general election? At that school Jill Biden's of this year the pandemic has ended another anxiety to a time that's normally fill of full of excitement. Some classrooms are dark. As the bright young faces that used to fill them. Now we just see them on screens right boxes on screens. And while other classrooms are open, they're full of unknowns Visit to that school by Mrs Biden in which you'll visit schools and eight battleground states as part of a tour for decades, she taught in various schools throughout the Wilmington, Delaware area. Apparently, Russia is added again trying to spread misinformation in the 2020 presidential election, just like they did in the 2016 contest. CBS News correspondent Nora O'Donnell reports Facebook is trying to keep up with a flood of fake accounts coming out of a Russian box. Facebook said it removed a network of fake accounts tied to Russian efforts to inflame political tensions right here in the US One site that was taken down called Peace Data has connections to the Internet research agency. That is the notorious troll farm charged with trying to interfere in the 2016 presidential campaign. Facebook says it acted after getting a tip from the FBI. Iran on the world powers working to save the nuclear deal with Iran have agreed in Vienna. To do everything possible to preserve the landmark 2015 agreement was their first meeting since the White House announced a bit to restore U. N sanctions against Iran. Environmentalists say the oil industry has asked the United States to pressure Kenya to change its world leading stands against the plastic waste The letters Africa.

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