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Chevrolet dot com. Find new roads. Urologist Brad Barton in the W B A P Weather center checking temperatures across North Texas Right now we have three degrees at Addison four degrees at Love Field, and it's one degree below zero right now at DFW Airport, also one below at Meacham and at Alliance. Our high Today will be 22. The sunshine will help this morning but cloud to be increasing this afternoon and then we expect to see another winter storm moving in from the West. Overnight. We think it'll be sleet and freezing rain, Maybe starting and then changing over to snow 1 to 3 inches possible. More ice farther south, more snow farther north, and we're kind of on the dividing line Lonelier 19 high tomorrow 25 And then we'll dry out on Thursday and finally warm up this weekend. Right now. A W B A P. It's four above More state resource is air being deployed to respond to winter weather conditions. W. BPI's Clayton level details the effort more than 3000 state troopers responding statewide 28 high mobility vehicles, multiple records, hundreds of four wheelers and the aircraft unit all being deployed. TEX dot Also utilizing all of its resource is governor. Abbott says the state is reaching out to local officials to respond to areas with the most need on the record. Low temperatures across North Texas, combined with potentially icy conditions later this week are making for what the energy industry is calling unprecedented circumstances. It's essentially Two separate power emergency events. We have the severe cold weather. We have the impacts of that's had across our service territory, and we also have the supply and demand issue so we're working that on both fronts on again and just appreciate our customers patients is Gary done with Encore says most power outages in DFW to this point have been due to rolling outages intended to relieve strain to the power grid. But more weather related outages or possible later in the week now a check on taxes business sponsored by the law Office of Nickname If here, Spencer McGowan from network Radio, West Texas crude topping the highest price since before the pandemic is one of the big events of February 2021. In fact, J. P. Morgan's head of oil and gas, Christian Molik declared that $60 oil is a base case. He believes a potential.

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