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We have no idea. He could be the next. It. Which would be an interesting conundrum for the for the forty Niners moving forward, but they love to have that problem. So the NFL is trying to protect the quarterbacks they want. They want Patrick Mahomes to stay up, right. Could you imagine Mahomes somebody puts their full body weight on a homes coming up this week and all of a sudden gone. Could you imagine if that's the reason why Shawn Watson got knocked out last year, not some poor non-contact situation in practice, so that's why they're doing this. That's why they're doing this. But if the players are lockstep in saying, we don't want it, we don't want this protection. You're making us to safe. And I'm sure William Hayes of Miami is raising his hand and saying, you made me unsafe by trying to be safe is he's the defensive player who moved his body weight off of Derek Carr on Sunday and sacking car and wound up blowing out his knee in the process. By the way Adam gates dolphins coach on tomorrow's richeisenshow, but don't you think that that gives the NFL and out to say. Okay. We've heard you players. We've heard you fans. We're not changing the language of the rule. We're not, but we've heard you. In the same way that they heard the fans about the helmet rule and they got together in the preseason and they said. Something we still don't know what they said in that meeting, but whatever they said the referee started calling it in a manner that we as fans do not feel as intrusive. And as a matter of fact, the helmet rules that flags that have been called are exactly why the helmet rule is in place because these hits have no place being in the NFL and these hits it can really damage somebody. And the objections that I've seen. There's not been a single junction in the NFL yet that I've seen this year, that said that that's ludicrous in the same way that I'm saying every single roughing. The passer penalty that I feel is being called right now. I'm holding my breath. I'm holding my breath every single time quarterback follows through that. Does this past still count? Because I have no idea if somebody got hit in the pocket. I think he got hit in the pocket. Let's see. Hold on. Okay. This is now viable catch. Let's move on like I don't wanna watch football games that way as a fan, Gerald, McCoy apologized to Ben Rothlisberger for hit that didn't even put a monster, six foot. Ten quarterback down on the ground. You barely touched him is he was. He was a little late. I get it. I'm sure Ben didn't act fall into the ground either. So to me. And you just heard Travis. Kelsey, say we'll ask drew Brees question top of the next out. You just heard Travis Kelsey? Say. That he feels that it would be fine. This one time to say it's okay if you change something midstream. And I think it's fine for the NFL to do it because they definitely changed the way that they reviewed catch. NADA catch right in time for the playoffs last year. So there is some precedents here, although I don't think that's ever been publicly admitted eight, four, four, two, four, riches, the number to dial, we will take your phone calls coming up next. I don't know who makes up these days of the year these national days of the year. But today's an incredible Nash Ray of the year of one particular variety. We'll get you on board with that before drew Brees and Joe buck joins us in our number two here on the rich Eisen show. Football season is here and no one covers football like cast one sports net. We've got you covered on a daily basis with Dan, Patrick rich Eisen. This might be just a walk in the park RJ bells dream preview and Ross Tucker's fantasy feast podcast. They're just creating more.

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