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For all of don's words about forgiveness. It was apparent that Jespersen had very much gotten into his head. Do you know who Sondra London is? I've never heard the name. This is what your father did. Sondra London who is in love with the serial killer named Dan Rawlings in Florida. He executed seven women with the machete. She wrote a book about him your father wrote Sondra London to ask her to write a book. She said, no, but I will create a computer book, diarrhea, whatever. So your father proceeds to write her telling her how great it is to be in jail. How to get away with murder how to do this? It's still on the internet today. It's like twenty two pages. From the Oregonian September tenth nineteen ninety seven by j Todd foster. Last year from prison Jespersen wrote at Jacksonville, Florida woman who's fascinated with serial killers and think society should have unfettered access to their minds. Sandra london. Fifty then posted Jefferson's letters word for word on the internet as she has other killers letters on Jespersen page, which features are rotating skull. He compares his victims to garbage he discarded along America's roadways as a long haul truck driver. His most disturbing writings, however are contained in the self start serial killer kit, which offers web browsers a life sized blow up doll named for one of his victims Julianne winning him..

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