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Special Counsel, Buzzfeed, CBS discussed on Anchor: John Evans


January eighteenth twenty nine thousand nine coming up on KCBS special counsel, Robert Muller disputes of BuzzFeed report on former personal attorney Michael Cohen lying at the direction of Donald Trump about a business dealer Moscow. And update from CBS news in just a moment. This is Matt Bigler in Oakland where hundreds of teachers walk out of their classrooms. So they can March in protest over labor negotiations in the forty Niners say Santa Clara's curfew is hurting their prophets. I'm Larry Sharoni. Good evening. It's nine thirty one. CBS news update special counsel, Robert Muller's office is disputing key elements of a report that President Trump directed. His former attorney to lie to congress about a real estate deal in Russia. It raises questions about a story. That's dominated the news cycle for the last twenty four hours. Here's correspondent Paula Reid. Special counsel's office released this statement in response to buzzfeed's reporting buzzfeed's description of specific statements to the special counsel's office and characterization of documents and. Testimony obtained by this office or guarding. Michael Cohen congressional testimony or not accurate Rebecca row fee is a CBS news legal contributor general rule is not to make public statements is to keep their heads down and do their work. But when it gets to the point where the public is being sentenced to serve tailspin over something. That's not true. It makes sense that they might want to come forward. And correct that BuzzFeed stands by its reporting. The president tweets fake news is truly the enemy of the people. CBS news update. I'll Matt piper. KCBS news time nine thirty two hundred teachers marched through the streets of Oakland today to draw attention to the ongoing labor struggles they're having with the school district. KCBS has mad bigger has more from school district headquarters. A long line of noisy. Protesters made its way here to the Oakland school district headquarters. Most of.

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