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Hello and welcome to the central podcast. My name is Daniel Baiter this week on the show we go over the iphone twelve and twelve pro review from somebody who has actually reviewed both of them. We talked to Raymond Wong of input magazine, and we will get to what he thinks about those phones and more in just a second later. In the show, we will go over the pixel five versus the Pixel for a five G. which one is right for you. That's a question we've been getting quite a lot of this week. We'll go into the new Amazon Echos which we reviewed this week as well. We'll go over the one plus eight. Which? Raymond has also reviewed, and finally we will go through some crazy photos that were released in two thousand twenty. We'll just round up all the cool weird stuff that was released in. Raymond's going to help us out on that. So Raymond Wong. Senior reviews editor for input. How are you welcome to the show? Thanks for having me, it's good to be here. And also joining us. Hey, out of Houston he's our own tech reviewer extraordinary. What's going on man? How are you? I'm doing all I'm going to put that. That's my new title which Witter Bio extraordinaire Yeah You got to spell it right though because I never spell it right I try. Oh, come on I. Know How to spell extraordinaire do you I don't what about art you guru? I also don't I can never spell the word embarrassed right on I try it like I. Always get the. s confused I'm learning lately that I I. I can't. Seem to type amenities properly on the first try I always missing 'em. Amenities, but there is only one M. Yes. Here's the problem. See Now, I'm looking at my wall, try to spell things in my mind doesn't really work out that well, most of the time that's why we rely grammar. This is not a plug for grammar, but I was just going to ask that like..

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