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Restrictions apply C DraftKings dot com for details. Remember promo code? KF GED. I know you're thinking. We're blessing and Tim matching in their barber jackets. And what I'll tell you, the video listeners and just don't mind it. Don't worry about it. You know, just keep this don't think about it too hard. Story number four, Sony is reportedly happy with sales numbers for kina bridges spirits. I'm pulling from George Yang at IGN. Mike and Josh Greer from Ember lab have revealed that Sony is happy with the sales numbers of Cana bridges spirits, and that the game is already recouped its initial development costs. In an interview with Bloomberg, the great brothers didn't provide a sales number, but they noted that they were pleasantly surprised at sales so far. Quote, it's hard to tell what's a huge success. Sony's happy, said Josh Greer. My grier also mentioned that Sony put plenty of effort into marketing Cana bridges spirits because of the large amount of attention it was getting. It was revealed alongside the PS5 back in June 2020. At game conferences, Ember lab pitched earlier versions of the game while there were lots of big publishers interested. The studio eventually closed a deal with Sony for both funding and marketing support. Additionally, Ember lab was allowed to learn about the PS5, your prior to its official announcement and was given development kits for the console. As for the studio's next project, the gear brothers know that it'll be a narrative driven game cool. That's awesome. It's very nice to see that Canada is killing it because that is a very, very good video game. That deserves it. Yeah, it's actually kind of killing it after Cana killed all of us many a time because it was shockingly difficult. But yeah, I think that's awesome to see it get that kind of support. And yeah, we don't really know the specifics on the numbers. But I remember from the September downloads that PlayStation put out on their blog, Kano British spirits was the third most downloaded game in the U.S. on PS5, right behind death loop in two K 22. So I feel like I was pretty surprised to see it. That high up there, it was like number one on the EU for that same PS5 skew. Downloads wise. So like, yeah, I think that's really awesome. And I think speaks to just how much excitement built around this, you know, I definitely saw a lot of people looking forward to before it came out. And then obviously when it did come out, I think everyone was a little bit pleasantly surprised. I definitely didn't go into the game expecting it to be bad. I was excited for it from the marketing. But I was a little bit surprised by how good it ended up being. And I think a lot of people felt that way. So yeah, definitely I wouldn't say a sleeper 'cause again, it's doing well, but if you have not checked it out for whatever reason, it's definitely one to take note of, definitely one of my favorite experiences on PS5 this year. Yeah. Yeah, and I think it's worth noting that being number three in that PSN sales chart behind only death loop in NBA two K 22 is super huge for a game that is a new IP from an indie studio that came kind of came out of nowhere. You know, they had the help of Sony marketing and they had a really good trailer to kind of help launch it off the ground. But that is really impressive nonetheless. So shout out to kana. Story number 5, Idris Elba says knuckles voice won't be sexy in the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie. That's like a collective boo, boo. That sucks. That sucks why Idris Elba why. I'm pulling from Rick Stevenson at screen rant. Idris Elba has been pretty quiet about his upcoming performance as knuckles and Sonic the Hedgehog too. But he's now revealed at least one detail. It won't be sexy. The eradicator will make his big screen debut in the sequel to 2020, Sonic the Hedgehog, which is currently scheduled to release on April 8th, 2022, which is way sooner than I thought. For some reason I thought this movie was years away. I can't believe that it's only like 5 months away. That's where elbow or maybe more like a math. Don't worry about that. We'll start as knuckles alongside Ben Schwartz, as sonic, Jim Carrey is doctor robotnik slash Eggman and James Marsden, as James marston. When he was first introduced in Sonic the Hedgehog three knuckles no, you can't just fucking roll past that. James Marsden. The article, right? They write sonic and doctor robotic. They don't give James Morrison's character. Okay. I just have to say James Barnes stains James marston. When he was first introduced inside of the hedgehog three, knuckles wasn't exactly best friends with sonic. Instead, the echidna was positioned as a minor antagonist, a muscle bound brute, easily tricked by doctor robotnik into fighting sonic. Only to realize later on, that Eggman was the true enemy all along. By all accounts, the version of knuckles and Sonic the Hedgehog two, we'll follow that same story. Likely joining sonic in the battle against doctor ekman, Doctor Eggman before the movie ends. I was full quote on the matter goes, quote, honestly, I can not say, contractually, I can not say anything. But I wouldn't say he was sexy. I don't think I'm going for that. That's for sure. And, quote, Janet question, I have no reversing this. Baseline knuckles. Is that voice sexy to you? Like in the game. In the game, no. Actually, actually, actually, actually, actually, Barry, I'm going to define a clip of knuckles. No. God damn it. I started running so late. We're gonna move on to the next news story, but before out today, it's a real circle back. I gotta hear knuckles was again, because the answer might be yes. It's what do I need to look at? I don't fucking play any of these goddamn games. Are these 3D games? Yeah, I would just like a knuckle boy signs honestly. Yeah. Well, I guess I'm gonna be a little bit more creative though, which is different. As parents looking that up, let's move on to our last few story story number 6. This is a follow-up to today's PSW XO XO that went up. Little double inside, we'll be at tomorrow's stand up play. This is from at PlayStation on Twitter. They tweeted out this morning. All aboard for tomorrow's data play, which includes your first in depth look at little devil inside. Tune in at two p.m. Pacific time, which all I gotta say is don't doubt me, everybody. Don't do it. Here's one of my predictions. This was one of your hopes. It was not a prediction. But yes, I was thinking of this too because it counts as you calling something. But PlayStation, what the hell? Why didn't you confirm any of my predictions or hopes? They went out of their way. Again, PlayStation, clearly a fan of the show, listen to, you know, put out this post. They're like, okay, let's play. Why didn't you tweet out the Final Fantasy 16? Isn't gonna be at tomorrow's state of play PlayStation. Exactly. What's up with that? All right, Barry, do you have it first? Go ahead. I do. I'm not happy about it. Battled all right. I remember like it was yesterday. It was sexy. Yesterday. This is from sonic colors. Let's just say. Into the kids. Travis willingham. Too. Let's just say he won't be bothering us again. Oh, yeah, what are you saying? Is this sexy for you? Okay, their fellow calm down. Not really. I feel like maybe in.

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