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It's 84 degrees and Downtown D C. Brought to you by mattress warehouse by with confidence with a one year price guarantee only at mattress warehouse sleep happens dot com. It's 2 41. A rift between police and lawmakers in Montgomery County officers say their rights were violated because they didn't have a say in the county's new use of force policy. Now they're suing my members for sure scared of what this bill is done and how they're going to be looked at when using force Leigh Holland with the Fraternal Order of Police, large 35, which represents Montgomery County police. Officers says that wouldn't be the case if they were invited by lawmakers to participate and crafting the new use of force policy, as is required in their collective bargaining agreement. That is Infringing on our rights labor rates, which are human rights. PFLP filed suit against the county for violating its charter, citing officer health and work conditions at the heart of the issue. Montgomery County Police says it cannot comment on pending litigation Meghan Cloherty w. T. O P News time Montgomery County Council member will Jawando says he's proud of the new use of force policy. It's disappointing that in the moment we're in here on the heels of One year anniversary of George Floyd's murder. This is where we're at with the police union attacking in law that is really fundamental, a fundamental part of reimagining public safety and police report, he says. The bill establishes basic rules that will stop police from shooting and moving vehicles and hitting handcuff people. It's to 43 a w T o P A man is dead after being shot outside of an apartment complex. The shooting happened early this morning just after midnight in Northeast D. C on J Street near Kendall Worth terrorists. Police say the man was taken to the hall. Hospital where he later died. No arrest has been made, and there's no word on what led to the shooting. Police say they're looking for a silver Porsche SUV with heavily tinted windows. Coronavirus related rules continue to loosen at Arlington National Cemetery with Memorial Day, just a little over a week away. Starting Monday, the 24th the tomb of the Unknown Soldier will fully reopened to the public. And so will President John F. Kennedy's gravesite, which includes the eternal flame, plus the memorial amphitheater and welcome center. Exhibits will be open. People who are not fully vaccinated are still required to wear a mask when visiting any part of the cemetery. But those who have received their shots on Lee have to wear masks indoors. The cemetery will Continue to be open daily from eight a.m. to five p.m. Michelle bash w T o P News sports ahead to 44. Good morning..

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