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Hi i'm patricia. For barak and i'm katina sawyer and welcome to the working podcast today. Patricia has an article for us. So before we kick into our conversation. I would love to hear a little bit about what we are going to be discussing today. Sure while i'm gonna kinda give a quick summary. Basically if a company takes care of their employees treats them well they're external stakeholders people like customers. are more likely to think highly of them summary. Some the good summary. I like that. It's like a back of house front of house like you know you. Have you have good stuff going. On behind the scenes it passes along to the customer. exactly yes And it's an interesting study. I don't think it's. I don't remember you've ever talked about a city. That's the type of structure like it looks at tweets and things like that so we'll talk about that in more depth but It was a different methodology as we typically talk about Because of what they're trying to measure so it should be. Yeah that's so exciting. Well i'm really excited to hear about that. Especially because i love bringing new methodologies and new innovative stuff to our listeners that's so fun But before we learn about how companies can leverage good employee practices to influence customers. How is your day going. I know we've been on a little bit of a hiatus. Yeah while we took our little summer break. So what's been going on with you. Yes our little break was very lovely. Actually so we had two weeks or we didn't record And in those two weeks. I took two little trips We went to morrow bay at the end of june Which is like in central california like well watching and it was actually really nice because it's been very hot I know everyone's probably heard about the west coast heat waves that have been happening and it was super hot before he went on this trip and the location of moro bay is in such a place where it doesn't really get hot so it was like where like a jacket. I bought a picture when i was there. Because i got cold his close so it's kind of like a nice little reprieve and then we got to see like i just love. See animals like the. Yeah you bid but it's true Like it's so there's a ton of otters that live there too so we saw wales. we saw offers..

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